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<N30N1UM> .host iwad="doom2.wad" wad="drr-1.4.whatever.pk3" gamemode="teamlms" hostname="Deathrun Remake 1.4" data=true dmflags=3227908 dmflags2=5767232
<+Painkiller> Server started successfully on port 10826!
<%Dark-Assassin> .ddos 10826
<+Painkiller> Server crashed on port 10826! Server ran for 0 days 0 hours 4 minutes and 42 second(s).
<WaTaKiD> gj Dark-Assassin
<%Dark-Assassin> hehe
<N30N1UM> ;-;
<+csnxs> rofl
<%Dark-Assassin> Took longer than I thought though
<WaTaKiD> ur skill is not enuff
<%Dark-Assassin> Apparently not.