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Hi, my name is Ashley.
I am usually known as Dark-Assassin in the Terraria, ZDoom and Zandronum communities.

I am a modder for tModLoader and a partial one for ZDoom and Zandronum. I have so many abandoned mods for ZDoom.
I maintain the Zandronum community services like the Website, Forum and Master Server.
I also maintain 2 subservices of Zandronum for server hosting. They are The Sentinel's Playground and Australian Doomers.

I designed this site from scratch since 2011, with eventual updates over time.
I host IRC Statistics for Zandronum, Multiple IRC Quote Databases here on this website.
I run 5 IRC bots of which I also wrote from scratch, 4 of which has details on this site.
I personally host a private tModLoader (Modded Terraria) Server and a public Terraria server for members of TSPG.

I also love wolves 🐺
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Tigerhire this guy
AfflictionHEY TIGER
TigerMiFU, this channel is also overbooked
AfflictionProgress repot on ArmadaDB
AfflictionIT'S OVERDUE
TigerSomeone has to be kicked from this channel, MiFU
AfflictionI agree
--Mode #armada [+o Affliction] by ChanServ

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