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csnxsAffliction: where can I get a single linuck?
Afflictionwoah woah woah
Afflictionyou can't separate linux like that
AfflictionA linuck depends on other linux
Afflictionisolating them is torture
Afflictionyou savage
@MiFUthe dumb cunt role suits him well :D
<@RaymondTracer_>i forgot a right bracket
<Highsman13>if I left would anyone miss me
<Dranzer>fuck off
<--Highsman13 ( has left #tspg-painkiller ("Leaving")
Tigerhire this guy
AfflictionHEY TIGER
TigerMiFU, this channel is also overbooked
AfflictionProgress repot on ArmadaDB
AfflictionIT'S OVERDUE
TigerSomeone has to be kicked from this channel, MiFU
AfflictionI agree
--Mode #armada [+o Affliction] by ChanServ

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<csnxs>can i upload e621.pk7
<Marcaek>use .pk69
<csnxs>but it's LZMA2 Ultra compressed...
<csnxs>how bout if i encryption it using MiFU's credit card number
<Marcaek>so you're saying it's very
<Marcaek>tightly PACKED
<csnxs>just like my basement?

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