I have created multiple bots for use on the Zandronum IRC network.

These bots go by D5807 which is my main bot, Linky which will only get titles for URLs, StatBot which generates IRC Statistics and RSSBot which prints RSS 2.0 and ATOM Feeds.

If either of these bots lose connection of any sort, they will attempt a reconnection automatically.

Basic Source Code may be released. But first, it still needs to be cleaned up.

If you wish to have any of these bots in your channel, all you need to do is invite them and they should join automatically.

If your channel has a Password or set to Invite Only, you will need to run this command: /mode #channel +I R:BotName
This will ensure there will be no future joining problems.

The Bots

Command Prefix: ~Tilde

Formerly known as DSBot and DS2012, D5807 is just my main personal bot.

This bot has plenty of fun and possible useful commands and plugins.

It also has a per-channel Chatter AI

See ~commands for a list of availbe commands

Also, I am open to any suggestions you may have to add to this bot. Contact Dark-Assassin and it may be made possible.


Linky prints the titles of URL links posted on IRC.

It's a little more advanced than LinkBot by including:

  • Ignoring System that checks:
    • Users (Ident)
    • Channel
    • URL
    • Other Bots (LinkBot)
  • Gets the page titles of files from sites like:
    • Imgur
    • ImgFlip
    • Minus
    • Dropbox

StatBot's purpose is to generate Statistics for IRC.

IRC Statistics can be found here: ircstats.php

Statistics will be automatically updated every 24 hours.

If you wish to have statistics for a channel generated, you can /invite StatBot and it will join the channel and automatically start doing it's work.


Command Prefix: @At

This bot will check and print new entries for ATOM and RSS 2.0 feeds roughly every 10 minutes in to any channel it's set up for.

It will also try and check if reddit links are NSFW and add [NSFW] to the output.

See @rss for usage, but you must be a channel half-operator or above to use this command properly.

This also works in private messages too if you wish to receive feeds privately.

Terms of Service

I will take no responsibility for misuse of these bots.

If these bots gets misused, they may be removed from the current channel of misuse and/or have specific misusers completely ignored and/or channels barred from being invited to.

If the channel operators wish for a bot to be removed, they can just kick it from the channel. Preferably with a reasonable reason displayed.

If there any bugs or glitches, please report them directly to Dark-Assassin.

I will take no responsibility for what content these bots produce, it's up to the channel operators to take responsibility, depending on the situation.

Privacy Statement

These bots collects all IRC data in all channels they reside in.

Any data weather Private, Personal or Public may be automatically collected and may or may not be displayed publicly.

All data shown may be automatically shown. I will not voluntarily show any other data without consent.


All contact to Dark-Assassin regarding these bots should be either done on the Zandronum IRC network via PM or Memo or possibly even on the Zandronum Forums.