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Decay's guide to clans 
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Clans and clan drama is probably the defining feature of competition. Speaking of competition, as mentioned in the other topic, there is a lot of talk about competition dying. I believe this is partly due to clans in their current state. When I wrote joining another clan is the way to go, it may imply that clans soak up new players all the time, and legit this is a problem. Let's examine the problem of skulltag's clan scene and how it can be fixed.

Read *disclaimer at the top so you don't miss it and post at the first offensive thing I may say*
If you have a problem with any of these points, take it up with me on IRC or PM, unless you can intelligently counter and offer a solution at the same time.

For new players

Joining a clan
Joining a clan is probably the best thing to do on skulltag if you are at all interested in competition. Clans give you a place to grow and mature as a player. From a clan you learn all the tips and tricks of the most competitive wads for any given game mode (UDM series for DM, specific IDL maps, and duel maps such as Judas23_). Now, let's assume you are a new player to competition. You've heard of clans and seen them on the servers, but can't decide what's right for you. Or you want to be ambitious and make your own. Above all I advise against making a new clan if you are a new player, and I'll explain why in a minute. So, join a clan that harbours known players, but aim for one you perceive at your skill level (if you're new, don't be asking top clans).

Don't make a new clan
This clan will be ridiculed and mocked beyond comprehension and turns anyone new right off of skulltag. Why is it bad for a new player to make a clan? Clans are supposed to help people grow; if a new player makes a new clan, chances are they either will not get anyone or not succeed. Joining an established clan allows more experienced players to pass on their experience of maps to you. If you start a new clan without any information, you won't last. Especially in a scrim. And herein lies a major problem.


These are the inherent problems with the clans as I see it, currently. Though the problems may be few, they have more effect than you might think

Current clan imbalance
Clans are currently so unbalanced its beyond ridiculous. There are so few to scrim each other, we have less experienced clans with definitely less skilled players going up against clans that are top tier. The resulting smack down doesn't teach you anything. I know sure as hell when I had my first scrim against [H] I didn't learn anything other than embarrassment. There is nothing good happening when unbalanced scrims happen. People learn nothing. Mifu and Corpsegrinder once jokingly suggested all clans should dissolve and try to start the competitive scene over again. While obviously this suggestion is ridiculous, there is some good idea there. Let's figure out why the clans are so imbalanced.

Member Count
In a competitive scene with players numbering less than 50 active players at any given time, is there any legitimate reason for a clan to have 18 members? Not saying its necessarily a bad thing, but is there a need for that many members? No. Clan leaders, stop hogging all the players. Seriously. You are counter productive to the competitive scene. How many people do you need in a scrim? 4 at most.

Rageouts to better clans
Ok it's understandable and all, but really raging out to a different clan after losing scrims isn't really helpful to newer clans. They need the guidance of experienced players, and by being dicks, calling players out you are not helping at all. This drives people away more than anything.

It needs to stop. It makes clans look like a total joke that they need aliasers/stronger players to win.

While they may seem to counter what I wrote, read them logically and apply them logically.

Do some break aways
There are experienced members in these clans that could easily break away and combined put another 4 clans on the scene. More clans out there means you have more clans to play, and there is less of a ridiculous imbalance when there are more clans of your skill level to scrim. Meaning you can have fun scrimming whether or not you win without getting smacked by a top clan.

Stop making clans if you don't have members, and seriously don't make a clan if nobody knows you
Seriously, this should be a rule. If you plan on making a clan, get some members before posting so others can challenge you to a scrim. Can't stress enough how people who are not known should not make a clan.

Don't be Euro/American exclusive
The times of Euro/American exclusivity in clans died when unlagged came into skulltag. To try and remain exclusive is nothing more than dumb. Clans should be more accepting of continental players because it breeds more competition and allows for all clans to scrim at anytime.

Organize games within the clan
As a new competitive member to a clan, I found that when we all went out to a server to play at the same time was the most fun. Similar to the get a dueling partner I previously suggested, going to a server with as many fellow clan members as you can is great. It allows for you guys to get to know each others play styles, and brings more people in from other servers. Filling a server of DM or CTF really doesn't take much effort.

Experienced leaders, scope out potential recruits from the mod games
They aren't all retarded as everyone implies. View it as "saving" them from AOW/WDI/ZH/GVH. One of my best players I managed to recruit came from AOW. People can play whatever they want sure, but you are making a difference to the competitive scene if you show them that there is other stuff out there.

Don't just recruit everyone for the sake of recruiting
Absorbing skulltag's entire player base isn't helping skulltag's competitive scene. Refer new players to clans you think will suit them. It generates more competition for you, and makes shit less boring around here. Aim for about 8-10 members. You don't need more than that.

Experienced players, reach out to the new
This helps more than anything. Dragon is the best example of this right now. Holding off on EL> to keep FV together and making new players is something that is quite commendable, and more people should do it.

Experienced players, the fate of skulltag's competitive scene relies on you whether you like it or not. The new players follow the experienced. Stop being lazy and do what's right, instead of complaining, lets get some people and have some fun.

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