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Corrupt World (15.3) (recruiting!!) UPDATED LINK / download 
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-Marines are extremely easier to face, lower hp, slower firing rate, Facetarget frame has more tics
-Spawn with out default doom pistol
-Made secret areas move obvious to find
-Made outside areas slightly brighter
-Made falcon punch gloves less powerful


What is it?

A wad that adds tons of new weapons, monsters, music, maps and tons of other stuff
supports single player, co-op, survival, deathmatch, and eventually ctf / tdm
Big maps with tons of areas to explore
You need opengl on to play







As much as I love mapping and coding, I still need help ^^; weather it be from mapping and coding with me or just testing and telling me (or us/we) that I'm(us / we) doing a good or bad job, so please, I'm willing accept all help and I LOVE CRITICISM. Tell me things that are wrong with this wad or things that should be improved, or just your own suggestions to add in, I'm all ears.

If you want to help send me a PM and send me some wads (or wad) that you have created or took part in creating so I can have an idea of what your skills are like.


As I stated before, I <3 criticism, so any feedback would be appreciated positive or negative. :D
Ive been working on this for over a year or two now and I'm dieing to hear something out of it :lol:

VERY out dated trailer

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Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:52 pm
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In the very last pic, doesn't look like the gun's actually aiming at the crosshair

Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:22 pm

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Stealing wildweasel's gimmick again.

-Generic title screen. Just taking a note of this.
-Oh god, first level's music hurts my ears.
-...And I can hardly see stuff.
-Um. What's the point of making you pick up the handgun...when you start with the default DOOM one?
-Why does the new handgun not have more priority over the old one?
-Infact, why does it use different ammo? Well, this wouldn't really matter, except the fact that you have both of them.
-Dropping kills me. Okay, fair enough.
-...where the hell do I go?
-After hopping through several rooftops, enemies! Now, let's see what this gun can do.
-Accurate, fast, and nashgore. 'Kay.
-Okay maybe not accurate.
-Okay, so this shotgun guy's killed me several times. Need more ammo, since the fist isn't cutting it. Time to make like a-wait I have the default doom pistol.
-Some would call that cheating, but I call it opertunic use of oversights.
-That health station box thing is pretty neat, but could use some work on making work better. Maybe add a conveyor that pushes the medikit towards you when you open it?
-..Wait, am I really supposed to have both pistols? I grabbed a regular doom clip. Huh.
-If this really is intentional, I'm going to have to call you out on mixing angled sprites with centered. Try to keep the angleing of hud sprites consistent.
-...That stimpak's not much of an award, but those soda machines should probably be a secret.
-The bullet chip decal looks really weird, what's with the yellow thing?
-...The hell killed me? I was on a bridge and suddenly I died by a 'baldmarine.'
-'Thebeginning' should have a space, by the way.
-...Why are these zombie replacements so strong? They have freakin' hitscans!
-That staircase to the window with the shotgunguy has a hom on its right side.
-I'm really hurting for ammo, too. And I am disapointed at the fact that I don't get an SMG.
-Looked down a grate and some zombies blew themselves up with barrels. Okay.
-Seriously these uzi guys are rediculous, you really deserve an SMG or atleast ammo for killing them.
-Oh thank backpack, I actually have ammo for my most useful weapon!
-...that's not a secret?
-Man this thing's reload animation sucks, really.
-Why is there a hole to the first room if the switch does nothing th-oh god imps.
-...Regular zombiemen? Yay, pistol ammo!
-The crappy pistol though.
-C-can it be? The chaingun?
-Sweet! A useful weapon with ammo!
-And the shotgun!...and the shotgun.
-There's a useful function in DECORATE, it's called replaces.
-...Why do the regular old wimpy zombies drop stuff but the powerful new ones drop nothing?
-OH GOD GREY BLOBS RUN crap i'm almost death aren't i
-The pistol and the new pistol I understand. But the new shotgun is much better than the old one, they use the same ammo, and you /get them at the same time./ What the hell?
-I am in no position to go fight hitscanners. Where's some health?
-Oh my a switch and a camera texture I wonder what this will do.
-...Oh, no demons, just an open door? Niiiice.
-...Super shotgun already?
-...It's literally the old SSG with new graphics. Not even new sounds. Why does a pump shotgun make the sounds of a break-action. And what's the point? As far as I can tell, the new shotgun has the same damage-per-ammo with better accuracy and fast attack speed.
-Oh no demons after I get shotgun ammo what ever will I do.
-...What did that switch do?
-Oh. Demons. While I still have shotgun ammo. Okay.
-Blue key? ...I completely forgot about that.
-And at this point both of my paths were blocked by hitscanners. This wouldn't be so bad except there was hardly any health, they could snipe me when I couldn't snipe them, and generally at this point I had to wonder if you actually got past this point.
-Just noticed I can't stop reloading the shotgun. That's really annoying.
-Seriously there's no ammo for sniping weapons and these uzi guys can kill me from across the map what the hell.
-...So far, I saw no point behind the blue key door. Seriously.
Okay, seriously. These hitscanners just hit /too hard/ and /too often./ It's not fun at all if your life completely depends on the RNG, but it's especially not fun when the minority chance is you /surviving./ There's a reason why the zombies are inaccurate and take forever to aim; their method attack is just /too powerful/ just because you can't dodge it. And the map doesn't even look that good, there's no logic to the weapon progression, and there's not enough items at all. The aesthetics of the weapons are inconsistent, there's very little point to not just replacing the stock weapons, and seriously those hitscanners are /annoying/. All in all, this needs some major work before the maps are even involved, and even then the maps aren't that exciting at all.

Really, if an entourage of friendly Cyberdemons can't help you survive, there's something really wrong with the entire thing.

Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:30 pm

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Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:52 pm
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Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:47 pm

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:38 am

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:38 pm

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Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:39 pm
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Wrote this up last night, but forgot to post. WHOOPS. Sorry for the delay.

1: That "pew pew pew" comment kind of gets rid of the mood almost right away.
2: Yeah, it's extremely dark in here.
3: So, where exactly do I go? I see some wires up along the edge, but running straight up them brings me to death. It'd be good if you indicate in the readme whether the mod is jump-enabled or not, a lot of other mods have problems with jumping/crouching so not everyone is so happy to jump/not jump right away.
4: Up on the rooftop, the sloped area has HoM on the sides of the slope.
5: Going into leads to an , even if you turn around.
6: I really hope I don't see HoMs everywhere. I'm just gonna stop looking.
7: Why does running through the clothesline on the third roof kill you instantly? Are the clothes THAT dirty?
8: No, seriously, where do I go? Next to no indication of direction, and none of the doors seem to work.
9: On another rooftop that...leads me right back to the murdering laundry, past the killpoint. What?
10: Oh, there's a rooftop a bit down there. I think I can survive the ju--welp, the landing brought me to 33 HP, and the terrain killed me.
11: Well, there's an open chimney a bit back. If I run diagonally and do a dash-jump, I might be able to make--oh, it kills me when I go down it.
12: All right, going all the way back to the second rooftop, I see another one to access. With a diagonal run and a It doesn't kill me.
16: That health station is nice, but you shouldn't need to crawl inside it to get the medikit.
17: Heh. Sniping through the grate to explode some barrels around dudes. I love it.
18: I like the looks inside the buildings. Looks kind of like an actual corporation, though with a very winding and roundabout layout.
19: The imps bleed black? A nice touch.
20: Every area loops back around itself, now, and everywhere I go leads to a locked door.

Yeah, I'm thoroughly and completely lost.
My biggest criticisms is that A: There doesn't seem to be any sense of direction at all, and B: There's too many hitscanners that hit too accurately and too hard.
What I like, however, is the setting. While the whole techbase/corporation thing isn't original, I REALLY like the start where you're running along the rooftops and trying to go back and forth. Except for the whole "getting lost" thing. The rocket launcher shotgun is also an interesting concept.

Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:44 pm

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Thu Aug 25, 2011 6:46 pm
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