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Creating Server with WirelessLan: Some problems solvented 
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Hi. I had some problems creating servers in the past, and instead of all post about port forwarding or uPnP, and another Q&A, I could not show my server in IDE, IDESE, Doomsecker and similar. But in the end, I get it! and I think I can share my solution.

In first place, just resume the basic steps; you know: Start server, use correct Iwad and optional wads, configure DMflags if you want, mark server as public, use a correct master server address (, use whatever Local Port in options (I use 10005), and of course open TCP/UDP ports in your router.

But the main question are Ports. Well, If you use an ethernet connection with your router, there is no many troubles: is similar with all routers and you only have to open the port you gonna use in start server (usually 10666), and maybe the master server port or your local port (I open them too). Then, you launch the server and you see the requesting call, and your server in server list. Just launch it to play

When you use Wireless connection (as I have to do) the things changes. Some routers have problems with port forwarding in some programs or games (for example, with age of empires I never had problems: I open the port as I do if I use a ethernet connection, and everything rules). With Skulltag (but not with zdaemon) I had some problemas showing my server (silly problems, as I see after). I use a Zyxel Router. I know that another ones (D-Link) don't fail; but instead I tell you what I did:

(By the way: I have a DYNAMIC public IP. Some people told me that with dynamic public IP you can't create servers; they was wrong)

- The first I saw is what opening whatever port I want, me and my friends can see the server if previously we added my IP and Port use in the section "custom server" in options of IDE or IDESE. But not the rest people: in server List appear my server with no info, just the IP; so nobody can join. I didn't understand why cause I had opened the right ports. I just wanna destroy my router.

- Then I tried with another ports (before usinf the DMZ o Open all port option) and I discovered that not all port were opened: In my router 10666 or 10667 don't rules; but 10668 YES! and 10669, 10670... So using that ports I can see my server in server list, and everybody can! people Join my server and play. Cool.

- But is another question wich it was happen to me too, and is the more strange: for some reason, or my router can't remember some configuration, or the master server ignored my ports; and instead open 10668 and using 10668 in start server, It failed.
SOLUTION: I saw that IDESE don't show the port I asigned; it show a different one (instead that in my server windows it appear my ip -not the public- 192.168.x.x:10668). So I did that: every time I star IDESE and Launch a server, refresh the list and see the port I'm really using. then open that port in router, close the server, and launch it again with that port. Refresh again and, YES! there is my server. It is very bored, but is the only way for me.

So remember, If you use Wireless connection:
1. Try open different ports; you'll find the one that rules
2. If doesn't run, refresh server list, Look for your public IP (you can see it in a test of interner speed, and many other ways), see the port you really are using, open it, and launch again with that port.

Example: My public IP is Open IDE; I create a server, using 10668 port; Launch it; go to "servers" in IDE and look my IP: it appears, but not info about the server, all blank, except my IP:; that the port I'm really using (dunno why); close the server; open that port (16901); start a server again using 16901; Refresh; Find some meat.

I hope it Help someone, cause I didn't find that info before. See you!

Fri Nov 05, 2010 5:00 am
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