Welcome to Area-X1
Hi, my name is Ashley.
I am usually known as Dark-Assassin in the Terraria, ZDoom and Zandronum communities.

I create mods for games, although they usually go unreleased or take way too long to release. I've made or are currently developing mods for GZDoom, Zandronum, Terraria, Doom 3, GTA2, and Noita.
I maintain the Zandronum community services like the Website, Forum and Master Server.
I also maintain a few subservices of Zandronum for server hosting called The Sentinel's Playground, Down Under Doomers, and Euroboros.

I designed this site from scratch since 2011, with eventual updates over time.
I also run a bunch of IRC bots which I also wrote from scratch.

Latest IRC Quote

<@Tribeam> *chat4 how stupid is it to put yourself in $40k of debt to buy shares in nintendo, to complain to the nintendo president about lack of male poses in splatoon?
<+Zrv5> Tribeam: An error occurred: (429) You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.
<@Tribeam> oh
<@Tribeam> DrinkyBird we costed you money :(
<@DrinkyBird> Tribeam: robots cost monies!
<@DrinkyBird> *eval 35*1.2
<+Zrv5> DrinkyBird: 42
<@DrinkyBird> $42 :D
<@Tribeam> ow
<@DrinkyBird> or £33
<@DrinkyBird> so yeah, the average IQ of this channel drops significantly over this week
<@Tribeam> DrinkyBird i would like to see your method of finding that out
<@Tribeam> oh i get it
<@Tribeam> nvm im stupid
<@Tribeam> ....just proved your message
<@Tribeam> fuck