GZDoom Mods
Noita Mods
Terraria Mods
  • My Mods:
    • A* Pathfinding

    • Aggression
       Increase the tick rate or speed of various aspects of the game

    • All Blend
       Almost all types of tiles will blend with each other

    • Better UI
       [WIP] Enhances or even replaces various UI elements

    • Chat Sound
       Plays the NPC talk sound for chat messages

    • DALib
       Mod Library
       Required by various mods

    • Death Penalty
       [YTP] You are penalised with reduced health and mana on death

    • Enemy Modifiers
       [YTP] Adds modifiers to enemies similar to prefixes for items

    • Footsteps
       [WIP] Adds footsteps to various entities based on the terrain they are walking on

    • Glass Cannon
       [WIP] Turns you and enemies into glass cannons

    • Item Charging
       [YTP] Forces various misc items to be charged in order to be used

    • Item Glow
       [WIP] Adds glow to items based on their rarity
       Alternatively adds beams instead of glow

    • Item Qualities and Durability
       [YTP] Adds durability to various items and basic stat changes depending on the druability

    • Mouse Finder
       Makes it easier to find where the cursor is

    • My Mod
       My own personal mod (Changes)

    • No Dust Lights
       [WIP] Removes all lights from dusts

    • No Text Pulse
       Text and the cursor no longer pulses

    • Player Health and Mana Bar
       Shows a health and mana bar below you

    • Player Resource Bars
       [YTP] Alternative to Player Health and Mana Bars that show additional bars for various resources

    • Player Team Icon
       [YTP] Shows your team above yourself to other players
       Additionally shows your PVP status

    • Power Attacks
       [YTP] Adds power attacking to various weapons

    • Real Throwing
       All throwing style melee and ranged weapons now deal Throwing damage
       Melee and Ranged stats also affect Throwing unless Thorium is loaded

    • Segmented Enemy Changes
       Segemented enemies like worms share (de)buffs and immunity frames across all segments (not fully working)

    • Server Sided Characters
       [YTP] Saves your character data on the server and restores it when you rejoin

    • Swing Effects
       [WIP] Adds effects to weapon swings as well as some animation changes
       Based off Armament Display

    • Variable Potion Sickness
       Healing and mana potions give variable amounts of sickness

    • View Occlusion
       You can't see anything past solid tiles
       Based off the old Dynamic Lights mod
       Currently performance heavy
       Rewrite planned

    • Visual Radar
       Shows enemies with the Radar, rare enemies with the Life Analyzer, and rare tiles with the Metal Detector on screen and/or map

  • Edited Mods:
    • Better Crafting
       [WIP] Creates a new and easy to use interface for crafting recipes
       Contains many personal changes

    • Magic Storage
       A large scale storage solution mod
       Contains some personal changes

    • Terraria Overhaul
       A huge game mechanics changing mod for Terraria
       Contains many personal changes

Diablo 2 Mods
  • XMod
     [WIP] Readme
     Development Slow
     Looking for ideas

Grand Theft Auto 2 Mods
  • Twin Stick
     [WIP] Currently Unreleased
     Adds twin stick support to controllers and enhances overall controller support
     Heavily edited from the original mod
     Requires MISI (Mirror)

Fallout 4 Mods
  • Helmet Flashlights
     Adds flashlights to various types of vanilla helmets that have flashlights on their meshes

Doom 3 Mods