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* bort spits hot chocolate eveywhere
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<@Tribeam> *chat4 how stupid is it to put yourself in $40k of debt to buy shares in nintendo, to complain to the nintendo president about lack of male poses in splatoon?
<+Zrv5> Tribeam: An error occurred: (429) You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.
<@Tribeam> oh
<@Tribeam> DrinkyBird we costed you money :(
<@DrinkyBird> Tribeam: robots cost monies!
<@DrinkyBird> *eval 35*1.2
<+Zrv5> DrinkyBird: 42
<@DrinkyBird> $42 :D
<@Tribeam> ow
<@DrinkyBird> or £33
<@DrinkyBird> so yeah, the average IQ of this channel drops significantly over this week
<@Tribeam> DrinkyBird i would like to see your method of finding that out
<@Tribeam> oh i get it
<@Tribeam> nvm im stupid
<@Tribeam> ....just proved your message
<@Tribeam> fuck

joebobjoe firewalls are the stupidest invention I've ever heard of
joebobjoe it should be up to each host to protect itself
Affliction yes, the internet was designed in atime when everyone on the network was trusted.
joebobjoe you don't need to be on a trusted network to get rid of firewalls.. just protect yourself
joebobjoe what's the problem?
AndyCap ident (and some other unix ideas) came crashing down once it didn't cost $100,000 to become root any more.
self joebobjoe, can you give me your bank account info? you can trust me
self the firewall *is* protection
joebobjoe I'll give you my ipv6 address and disable the firewall on my router
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self and then what
joebobjoe you can't do shit
joebobjoe because my host isn't stupid
self are you sure
joebobjoe and it's operator isn't
joebobjoe yea my ssh is protected with a key
joebobjoe firewalling just stops people from being able to connect with each other
Shell believe it or not vulnerabilities in the TCP/IP stack are fairly common, and a firewall protects client machines from them. :)
joebobjoe it's a way for big companies to remain in charge
Affliction joebobjoe: and if there's a preauth exploit in your sshd?
Affliction HAHA
Affliction ok
Affliction I'm done
Affliction that's a good one though

<@Dark-Assassin> Metal has a really metallic taste.

<@DrinkyBird> yay I get to download 60gb of data from braben's spare bbc micro they left in their cupboard
<@Affliction> can you get it on data casette?
<@Affliction> 2400 baud FSK encoded
<@Affliction> that'll be not quite 7000 hours!
<@DrinkyBird> 22.1 GB (23,760,150,528 bytes)
<@DrinkyBird> hehe, mine's bigger than yours!
<@Affliction> 3472 2-hour tapes
<@DrinkyBird> loading 60gb from tape, oh god
<@Affliction> 6944.444444444444 hours :)
<@Affliction> 289 days!
<@DrinkyBird> so by the time you've loaded the alpha, they've released the full thing, and probably an update or two
<@DrinkyBird> think I'll stick to downloading it
<@Affliction> oh
<@Affliction> the BBC Micro runs at 300 or 1200 baud
<@Affliction> so, multiply by 2 for 1200

<Tribeam_> Error:
<Tribeam_> Attempt to use a vector in a different generation than the one it was created in (vectors can not be saved into variables)
<Tribeam_> the fuck does that mean
<@Affliction> your vector is a boomer
<Tribeam_> :(
<@Dark-Assassin> Time to use C#
<@Affliction> I need to figure out how to debug D
<@Affliction> it'd be so great... if I could just debug the jeezlus thing
<@Dark-Assassin> I'm sorry you're having manhood issues.
<@Affliction> why do I get a segfault when I'm not doing unsafe code
<@Affliction> heh

<@Dark-Assassin> ~fml
<+D5807> Trying to be an old-school romantic, I asked my girlfriend "where art thou my love?" via SMS. She replied "Toilet."

m i f u カ卸駅ニ Rude
csnxs I'll show you ride in a minute
DoomJoshuaBoy Get Rekt by @m i f u カ卸駅ニ because he’s more helpful than you. @csnxs
csnxs wow rude
DoomJoshuaBoy Well you’re saying rude stuff lol
m i f u カ卸駅ニ Lol Destoryed
csnxs im literally crying now no joke
Neptune pics or it didn't happen
Craneo i got the pic CSNXS crying
csnxs csnxs is not an acronym
Craneo csnxs crying or well Sean crying ok
Marcaek csnxs more like csnin
csnxs garry.png
TigeStinaClipseCisFistNeoTina LMAO
Nautilus He's trying really hard to keep it cool with that weak half-grin of his
░▒▓ TheMisterCat ▓▒░ its not an acronym so what you pronounce it 'cizz-nicksus'?
csnxs c s n x s
Craneo si es en ex es
ManiC c-s-n excess(edited) see's n excess
Zero09 what the fuck have i walked into
ManiC dont know im just playing along
TigeStinaClipseCisFistNeoTina Wtf :cybass: snxs
csnxs tiger can you contribute something useful for once in your life
TigeStinaClipseCisFistNeoTina LRMFAO.