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<MiFU> lol
<MiFU> fucking capo lol
<Galactus> sigh
<Galactus> I should make a list
<Dastan`> Go ahead Galactus
<Galactus> No takes wayy too much effort
<HTG> Galactus is plastic tier
<Galactus> :(
* Dastan` highfives HTG
<Dastan`> Also hi
! <Galactus> shut the fuck up Dark-Assassin
<Galactus> rofl
<Galactus> wrong highlight
<Dastan`> lmfao
! <Galactus> Sorry Dark-Assassin <3
<MiFU> wow
<Galactus> *shut the fuck up Dastan`
<MiFU> it seems capos list has rustled le jimmies
<MiFU> you should challenge capo to a duel in shoot

-- Oduya_ is now known as Santa7
Santa7 The new and improved Santa
-- You are now known as Santa8
Santa8 im better
@Santa6 lower is better
-- MiFU is now known as Santa666
-- You are now known as Santa999999999999999
Santa7 Satan Santa
Santa999999999999999 im best
-- Santa666 is now known as Santa69
%Santa69 no i am
Santa999999999999999 kinky santa
-- Santa69 is now known as MiFU
@Santa6 type /nick 0 and you will be best
-- You are now known as 128AAAI3F
128AAAI3F yay
128AAAI3F nice uid
-- You are now known as Santa128AAAI3F
-- MiFU is now known as 128AAAJHH
@Santa6 that's the only way you can make your nick start with a number
%128AAAJHH haha
-- 128AAAJHH is now known as MiFU
-- You are now known as zachristmas
-- Santa7 is now known as Oduya

! <Seanphone> Dark-Assassin hi
<Dark-Assassin> hi
<Seanphone> hi
<Affliction> hi
<Tribeam> hi
<D5807> hi
<Linky> hi
<StatBot> hi
<ServServ> hi
<fail> hi
<TheHelten> no
* ServServ gives channel operator status to Affliction
* Affliction has kicked TheHelten from #armada (DAMNIT)

<@Revilution> well i'm from Brazil anyway
<+Zebina> wait wat
<@Revilution> HUELand
<+Zebina> your not so far
<@Revilution> inb4Chile
<+Zebina> lol no im not south africa
<+Zebina> WTF DID I SAY
<+Zebina> WTF
<+Zebina> WTF
<@Revilution> WHAT
<+Zebina> !
<+Zebina> OMFG
<@Revilution> OMG ESTAR
<+Zebina> south america*
<+Zebina> holy fuck
<+Zebina> i just wrote that naturally
<+Zebina> dude wtf just happened to me
<@Revilution> i think another Tamer is throwing spells of madness on you
<+Zebina> ok this was weird
<@Revilution> ikr
<+Zebina> i wrote it and when i looked at screen i saw "africa" there

* Zebina has joined #zandronum
<Zebina> #tm
<Zebina> gg
<Zebina> you think i failed, but for the tm guys this is a great opportunity to be advertised
<Kokiri> #grandvoif
<Galactus> Konar6 u failed
<Galactus> uh
<Galactus> Kokiri u failed
<Galactus> damn
* has kicked Galactus from #zandronum (Channel flood triggered (limit is 5 lines in 8 secs))
<Dark-Assassin> lol
* Galactus has joined #zandronum
<Dark-Assassin> <Galactus> Konar6 u failed
<Galactus> *twice
<Zebina> that was best ever
<Dark-Assassin> This is valid too
<Zebina> ¨
<Zebina> im saving the logs
<Kokiri> u think i failed
<Kokiri> but its my new clan
<Zebina> dont steal my line cmon
<Kokiri> <Kokiri>u think i failed ©
<Kokiri> my line now
<Zebina> <Zebina>: you think i failed
<Zebina> pls
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Zebina> i demand (c)
<Kokiri> mince
<Kokiri> :D
<Zebina> kokiri can i join your clan
<Zebina> lets rket tm r lf pro a3 and bemoce the best in zandro
<Zebina> rekt*
<Kokiri> its a 1 man clan
<Kokiri> sorry
<Pomato1> Kokiri
<Pomato1> you are half a man
<Pomato1> I'm half a man
<Pomato1> together we make a man
<Pomato1> So let's make a 1 man clan
<Dark-Assassin> gay
<Pomato1> shhhh
<Zebina> kokiri
<Zebina> you cant just call a 1 thing a group
<Zebina> so its not a clan
<Pomato1> fuck you zebina im in kot's clan
<Zebina> wow
<Zebina> wanna fight?
* Zebina takes his shirt off
<Kokiri> wow hate
<Kokiri> r
<Dark-Assassin> Hopefully he doesn't take his pants off to
<Pomato1> lol
<Zebina> you need pants to fight wtf
<Pomato1> ya i wanna fight
<Zebina> k then
<Zebina> 1 V 1 ME
<Zebina> bowling
<Pomato1> ye
<Zebina> tonight
<Pomato1> bowling with flabs
<Pomato1> i win
<Pomato1> gg
* Zebina puts on his bowling shoes
<Zebina> yeah right...

* TheSentinel ( has joined #tspg-exciter
* gives channel operator status to TheSentinel
* ChanServ has left #tspg-exciter (Leaving)
<Mr-Darklord800> what is TheSentine do?
<MiFU|Work> if you abuse the fuck out of it DevilHunter
! <DevilHunter> Dark-Assassin told me to do it
* Dark-Assassin runs
<MiFU|Work> i'll pimp slap you off the internet
<DevilHunter> :o
<Mr-Darklord800> LMFao.

<Mysyk> Dark-Assasin.
<Mysyk> Are you from Canada?
<Mysyk> Yo
<Dark-Assassin> no
<Mysyk> Any clue?
<Dark-Assassin> Nope
<Mysyk> Should we continue?
<Dark-Assassin> idk
<Mysyk> From France.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Italy.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Germany.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Brazil.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Turkey.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> USA.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Vavency> Russia?
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Spain.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Behind your computer.
<agaures> nop?
<Dark-Assassin> That's one place.
<Dark-Assassin> But where is that place?
<Mysyk> Belgium.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Croatia.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<capo> australia
<Dark-Assassin> Dammit capo
<Dark-Assassin> ruined things again
<Vavency> lol
<Mysyk> Oh you are Aussie
<agaures> no one would ever guess NZ
<Mysyk> Are you from Perth?
<agaures> no one
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> I used it on my servers :D
<Mysyk> You must be from Melbourne.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Is it NSW state?
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Tasmania.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Sydney in NSW. So it isn't
<agaures> adel?
<Mysyk> Brisbane.
<Dark-Assassin> agaures wins
<Mysyk> Adelaide.
<agaures> lol
<Mysyk> agaures.
<Mysyk> Your turn, Kiwi.
<agaures> huh? D:
<Mysyk> You are from Christchurch.
<agaures> nop
<Disguise> What is this
<Mysyk> It isn't Wellington.
<agaures> why do i have the feeling you are googling nz places
<Dark-Assassin> Disguise, IDK
<Mysyk> I am not googling. :D Should I prove it?
<agaures> don't know how but... no
<Mysyk> Any clue?
<agaures> north island
<Mysyk> Auckland.
<agaures> yep
<Mysyk> Hooray!
<Mysyk> Does God save the Queen?
<Mysyk> Her Majesty.