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abbuw nax!!!! i want those ftp files on my desk PRONTO!!!
<-- Harbinger ( has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
* Dark-Assassin bans abbuw
* nax bans abbuw harder
* Dark-Assassin bans abbuw using the firewall
* MiFU calls admin abuse and fires Dark-Assassin and nax
@MiFU gg
* nax bans MiFU
* Dark-Assassin firewall bans MiFU too
* nax hacks the firewall while a 90's montage is playing by playing a 3d game of SNAKE and bans Dark-Assassin
%Dark-Assassin Heh
%Dark-Assassin I don't need this fancy bs
* nax plays cyber connect 4 and hacks into the pentagon

csnxs Affliction: where can I get a single linuck?
Affliction woah woah woah
Affliction you can't separate linux like that
Affliction A linuck depends on other linux
Affliction isolating them is torture
Affliction you savage
@MiFU the dumb cunt role suits him well :D

<@RaymondTracer_> NET
<@RaymondTracer_> BEANS
<@RaymondTracer_> WHY
<@RaymondTracer_> oh
<@RaymondTracer_> i forgot a right bracket

<Highsman13> if I left would anyone miss me
<Dranzer> fuck off
<Highsman13> k
<-- Highsman13 ( has left #tspg-painkiller ("Leaving")

Tiger MiFU,
Tiger hire this guy
Affliction HEY TIGER
Tiger NO
Tiger MiFU, this channel is also overbooked
Affliction Progress repot on ArmadaDB
Affliction IT'S OVERDUE
Tiger Someone has to be kicked from this channel, MiFU
Affliction I agree
-- Mode #armada [+o Affliction] by ChanServ
<-- Affliction has kicked Tiger (Affliction)
-- Mode #armada [-o Affliction] by Affliction
--> Tiger [Tiger] (Nicholas Gautier) ( has joined #armada
Affliction HE'S BACK

<csnxs> can i upload e621.pk7
<Marcaek> >:1
<Marcaek> no
<Marcaek> use .pk69
<csnxs> but it's LZMA2 Ultra compressed...
<csnxs> how bout if i encryption it using MiFU's credit card number
<Marcaek> so you're saying it's very
<Marcaek> tight
<Marcaek> tightly PACKED
<csnxs> just like my basement?
<MiFU> shit memes
* Marcaek worries about the context
<MiFU> get out the lot of ya
<HTG_> Skulltag rules!
<HTG_> <Carnevil> look fine to me
<MiFU> anyways
<MiFU> what else is on the agenda Marcaek
<Marcaek> the gay agenda
<csnxs> i masturbate to the quake ost

<Gustavo6046> *cough cough cough cough*
<Gustavo6046> Fucking throat ache.
<WoodPecker> suckign too much dick
<abbuw> keep your window shakin godforsaken voice down
<WoodPecker> abbuw u wanna win against me in some duels later on tonight
<Ken_RD> .
<Gustavo6046> WoodPecker, I knew someone would say that!
<Gustavo6046> *coff*
<Gustavo6046> Nhyt!
<WoodPecker> take ur roleplaying to furry
* WoodPecker dabs
<Gustavo6046> I'm not roleplaying.
<Gustavo6046> And furry is a dead channel (I once tried to pseudo-own it)
<@FusedQyou> Did Konar6 take it over?
<@FusedQyou> I heard he's a furry
<+LinkBot> [ Screenshot by Lightshot ]
<SyKoTiC> Is he Renamon?
<WoodPecker> this is very inspirational
<WoodPecker> i will save this screenshot

<SyKoTiC> let me at him.
<Gustavo6046> gay
<SyKoTiC> puppy power, mother fucker
<Gustavo6046> ???
<SyKoTiC> Oh right
<SyKoTiC> your too young for that ref
<SyKoTiC> youre*
<Dark-Assassin> You're both gay, just get a room already
<Gustavo6046> Nah, I'm almost 14 (check my birthday, May 16th )
<Gustavo6046> I though just WoodPecker was gay
<SyKoTiC> DA we are all a little gay because we all want a big d.
<Gustavo6046> Man we are doing Zaank mythology
<Gustavo6046> The gays, the puppy powas, the autists, the pile of shit foods
<WoodPecker> fuck you Gustavo6046
<Gustavo6046> Yes, I'm not even lubed
<Gustavo6046> wait what
<Gustavo6046> why did I say that
<SyKoTiC> im saving that
<Gustavo6046> xd
<Gustavo6046> It's not like you are going to put it on your quit message like marc.
<SyKoTiC> I'm gonna sell it.
<Gustavo6046> hah, shouldn't be worth a penny.
<Gustavo6046> Maybe at gay strip clubs looking for more.
<Gustavo6046> But that is crime.
<Gustavo6046> I mean, not the club being gay, but the club...
<Gustavo6046> what was it called?
<Dark-Assassin> Gay
<Gustavo6046> The club hijacking the person.
<Gustavo6046> That's sexual abuse.
<Gustavo6046> (hijack because I couldn't remember it)
<SyKoTiC> Stop
<Gustavo6046> dense
<SyKoTiC> Put down the shovel.
<Gustavo6046> The what
<SyKoTiC> Because you are digging a hole of gay
<SyKoTiC> You cant escape.
<Gustavo6046> Anyways, you are as dense as steel
<Gustavo6046> I'm only heavy metal because I'm volumous.

<Gustavo6046> Sean and Chrisella tried to impersonate me in other IRC networks, and they are now planning to spam #j with 4chan and my shit facebook pis.
<Gustavo6046> pics*
<Gustavo6046> That is a fictional example.
<Gustavo6046> Every relationship with real events should be considered as accidental and used jokingly only.
<@FusedQyou> Sowhat's so hard about just privatising your pictures?
<@FusedQyou> I doubt they have saved them already
<SyKoTiC> thats why i save nudes in usersub on imgur ;)
<SyKoTiC> Im a nice guy i swear
<Gustavo6046> SyKoTiC, nudes are nothing for me - I always prefer the real deal
<Gustavo6046> And irl
<Gustavo6046> And ok, I did a precise description of an existing event.
<SyKoTiC> So thats why you uninstalled Grindr?
<Gustavo6046> An event that may happen
<Gustavo6046> (but didn't happen -- yet)
<Dark-Assassin> Gustavo6046 likes the dick IRL
<Gustavo6046> what
<SyKoTiC> You just said you like real deal
<SyKoTiC> The real meat.
<SyKoTiC> Not that mcdonalds shit.
<Gustavo6046> I mean that I prefer the real fun for the real visual.
<SyKoTiC> You want the prime rib
<Gustavo6046> wtf