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Quote #51
<csnxs> can i upload e621.pk7
<Marcaek> >:1
<Marcaek> no
<Marcaek> use .pk69
<csnxs> but it's LZMA2 Ultra compressed...
<csnxs> how bout if i encryption it using MiFU's credit card number
<Marcaek> so you're saying it's very
<Marcaek> tight
<Marcaek> tightly PACKED
<csnxs> just like my basement?
<MiFU> shit memes
* Marcaek worries about the context
<MiFU> get out the lot of ya
<HTG_> Skulltag rules!
<HTG_> <Carnevil> look fine to me
<MiFU> anyways
<MiFU> what else is on the agenda Marcaek
<Marcaek> the gay agenda
<csnxs> i masturbate to the quake ost