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<Tiger> Feel free to Wrack up the forums with your Wrack
<Goliath> i went in with card barney on qnet
<Goliath> he just left
<Affliction> You went to bed with Crad Barney?
<Tiger> hahaha
<Goliath> yes

<@Tib> hello cernel_joson
<@Tib> welcome to drz
<cernel_joson> u as opposed to anyone who use it
<C405129> hey cernel
<C405129> howya going?
<C405129> long time no see
<cernel_joson> he's typing a long
<C405129> yes, he is.
<cernel_joson> instead of this guy he is.
<@Tib> i agree completely cernel_joson
<cernel_joson> he said i completely raped at all out whore
<@Tib> hgahahahahahaah
<C405129> lol'd irl
<cernel_joson> i need to actually lol'd
<@Tib> all out whore huh
<C405129> In other news, this is the most active the channel has been in months.
<cernel_joson> where everyone else have fx channel because it's that jumpmaze only reading what toms hardware says that 2 map?
<C405129> Tom's hardware said something about 2 maps in jumpmaze?
<cernel_joson> it's already timed jumpmaze?
<C405129> In some effects channel?
<cernel_joson> not to me the idea, though my experience, different effects on
<@Tib> definitely
<@Tib> hahahahah
<C405129> So
<cernel_joson> tib: do it was raining, so i can't remember this zarc guy gets 2 warnings
<@Tib> different effects on, definitely
<cernel_joson> db2 has different effects on different effects on different effects on different texture or add some guy had a fatty
<C405129> How have you been, cernel?
<@Tib> hahahahahaah
<@Tib> db2 has different effects on different effects on different effects on different texture
<cernel_joson> old, rotten bricks and such a different effects on funcrusher
<@Tib> hahahaha
<cernel_joson> hahahaha
<@Tib> loling irl
<C405129> Is John still a zombie?
<cernel_joson> the old pic of you still
<C405129> what old pic of me?
<cernel_joson> with carns face burned when he can fl with me?
<C405129> There is a pic of me with carn?
<@Tib> hahahaha
<cernel_joson> with carnevil's pic of teen suicides
<cernel_joson> hahahaha
<@Tib> L
<@Tib> O
<@Tib> L
<@Tib> oh man
<C405129> carn is taking pics of teen suicides? that's horrible!
<cernel_joson> soad is taking forever
<@Tib> yeah
<cernel_joson> yeah
<@Tib> terrible
<@Tib> carn can't do that
<cernel_joson> instead of can't make sense of authenticity?
<C405129> it's ok, it's apparantly not authentic.
<cernel_joson> ok, so, it's an effort to see heavenwraith
<@Tib> phew, thank god
<C405129> you need to put an effort in to see heavenwraith?
<cernel_joson> make an effort to speak english in the language selection
<C405129> I don't need to make an effort to speak english.
<C405129> You apparantly do, though.
<cernel_joson> good work on it hardcore, though.
<C405129> And that proves my point.
<cernel_joson> and on my basement has to do suck
<C405129> cernel_joson
<C405129> cernel_joson
<C405129> fine
<cernel_joson> maybe it'll be fine
<@Tib> yep
<cernel_joson> yep
<@Tib> fine
<cernel_joson> maybe it'll be fine your face
<C405129> Yes, you can't park there cernel.
<cernel_joson> and it'll be procrastinating with instead of doing this will play aow2 for one of the park would the review for los?
<@Tib> stupid
<cernel_joson> stupid to go on your penis
<@Tib> cernel_joson
<@Tib> hi
<C405129> NO JOHN
<cernel_joson> i must have a good teacher
<cernel_joson> no tsk nigga
<cernel_joson> are we talking about cyberbullying and started eating and turned back to the audio always cuts out whore ass bitch
<@Tib> procrastinating huh
<cernel_joson> huh
<C405129> I was hoping for a replay
<cernel_joson> number for felatio
<@Tib> LOL
<cernel_joson> lol tib
<C405129> of that qdb entry
<cernel_joson> of a thing i meant to say was raining, so meanie
<C405129> ah well
<cernel_joson> ah fuck...i got a review of aow2 anymore
<@Tib> whore ass bitch
<@Tib> cernel_joson whore ass bitch
<cernel_joson> loh with dick in the ass bitch
<@Tib> haahahahah
<@Tib> lord of hell
<cernel_joson> one day or spraying body spray in at the map i finish the hell the first dm map (not counting the start and db2 for phpbb3
<C405129> heh
<cernel_joson> heh buy
<C405129> buy?
<C405129> buy what?
<cernel_joson> location:????what?
<C405129> hell, I don't even know anymore.
<@Tib> LOL
<cernel_joson> lol
<@Tib> cernel_joson location
<C405129> location
<@Tib>??cernel_joson location
<C405129> colonel joson
<@Tib> colonel joson pls
<@Tib> cernel_joson hi
<cernel_joson> hi fagi
<@Tib> LOL
<cernel_joson> lol
<C405129> don't you mean 'faga'?
<@Tib> faga
<C405129> The famous jetor quote
<cernel_joson> or quote it works
<C405129> or was it Hetor
<cernel_joson> it's not like stctfmp wasn't made by making this, or supports are there
<C405129> It's been too long
<cernel_joson> i think i've been on any server
<@Tib> LOL
<cernel_joson> pgup pgdn lol dat gya lolololol
<@Tib> jetor
<C405129> < cernel_joson> pgup pgdn lol dat gya lolololol
<C405129> oh no
<cernel_joson> oh hey
<@Tib> hate that guy
<cernel_joson> who the fuck you guys can chop it is this zarc guy on the way down)
<C405129> in english, this time
<cernel_joson> i should just commit adultry with the whole time for a youtube comment war commencing
<C405129> cernel_joson: I have just sent the IRC log to your wife.
<cernel_joson> they log in
<C405129> I wonder if they will find your body?
<@Tib> probably not
<cernel_joson> this laptop probably couldn't run it now, and laugh
<C405129> this laptop couldn't find your body?
<cernel_joson> if my friend will probably couldn't
<C405129> I bet if you had an iphone it could, there's a crap for that.
<cernel_joson> i want to try over 1000 on that.
<C405129> Ah well, nice seeing ya.
<cernel_joson> dude there are you seeing her horse
<C405129> Heading out.
<cernel_joson> and billy mays/vince crap started pouring out.
<@Tib> later
<cernel_joson> it for a later

<PUN1SH3R> dude
<PUN1SH3R> I bet Judas Priest will make food taste better
<PUN1SH3R> like have a big speaker over the food
<PUN1SH3R> pack tons of judas priest in that meat

<@MiFU> /qdb/get.php?db=RFC1337&id=33
<@MiFU> now that was funny
<@c> heh
<@Tiger> I am going to go play with my screwdriver for awhile, BBL

<Set_Abominae> soooo, how about them <insert famous sport team name from your state>
<c> Yeah, shame <insert best person on famous sport team from your state> didn't save the situation at <insert tense moment>
<TheMisterCat> probably due to that <well known streaker>
<HeavenWraith> <insert local slang swear-word>

<MytiS> It would be neat if we hosted jail bait on nexus
<MytiS> break
<MytiS> *break
<MiFU> ] <@MytiS> It would be neat if we hosted jail bait on nexus
<MytiS> not jail bait, that's not cool.
<MiFU> hypernova
<MiFU> get out of here
<MiFU> :|
<DevilHunter> ROFL
<DevilHunter> should ban him for that :o
<MytiS> I should ban you for lulz

<+MP2E> i frequently break desks when i get boners
<+MP2E> kinda sucks
<@MeRe> hot
<+MP2E> rofl
<+Razgriz> woah
<+Razgriz> i wish i could do that
<+MiFU> the destroyer
<@MeRe> hot
<+MP2E> nah desk insurance sucks
<+MiFU> thats ok, I know a guy that can shit nuclear explosions at school
<+MiFU> you can see the "nuclear fallout" on the toliet bowl
<+MP2E> ew
<+Razgriz> rofl

<Conn067> Attention, I have a clone running around. If you see me in a server being an asshole, that's probably the real me ;)
<TheToxicAvenger> :V
<Conn067> But seriously there is a guy running around with my name :)
<Tib> it's me
<Conn067> :O
<Conn067> yayz
=-= Tib is now known as Conn067`
* DevilHunter changes ingame name to Coon067 and gets masterbanned
<Conn067`> i'm gay
=-= Conn067` is now known as Tib
* TheToxicAvenger NP: Nasum [Human 2.0, 2000] - 1. Mass Hypnosis (00:03/01:05) {134 kbp/s}
<DevilHunter> Conn*
<DevilHunter> FUCK
<Tib> LOL
<DevilHunter> i hate typos
* Conn067 slaps DevilHunter
<TheToxicAvenger> LOL

<16:20:52>??>>> MytiS blows DevilHunter

<c> Clan Birth: 1st Jan 2008
<c> I swear that keeps creeping up
<c> Could have sworn it was 1/1/2007
<Cyber> hmm...
<Cyber> well
<Cyber> was DRZ around before PRO?
<c> No idea
<TheToxicAvenger> Same
<MP2E> no idea either
<Cyber> we were porn april 2007
<Cyber> ....
<Cyber> shut up
<Cyber> SHUT UP
<TheToxicAvenger> lmao
<MP2E> They both like came about the same time
<Cyber> I SAID
<MP2E> and lololol
<Cyber> SHUT
<Cyber> UP
<MP2E> came about, porn
<MP2E> owned
<TheToxicAvenger> LMAO
<TheToxicAvenger> I'm trying not to laugh real hard since it's like 1:55 in the morning here
<TheToxicAvenger> but damn is it hard
<MP2E> hahaha
<Cyber> HARD
<c> mly