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Quote #33
<Tib> hey whats that thing
<Tib> you get
<Tib> when you use your hands all day
<Tib> and they feel stiff and crap the next day
<@C405129> Arthritis(sp?)
<Tib> :|
<Tib> i mean like temporary
<@C405129> No idea
<@C405129> But might I advise cutting down on the pron? :)
<Tib> :|
<Tib> i mean like using a screw driver
<Tib> all day
<%Hypersonic> I really used my screw driver all day :p
<Tib> (do you mean sex)
<%Hypersonic> masturbation
<Tib> LOL
<%Hypersonic> don't be silly
<Tib> qdb
<%Hypersonic> virgins don't have sex!