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Quote #129
<Conn067> Attention, I have a clone running around. If you see me in a server being an asshole, that's probably the real me ;)
<TheToxicAvenger> :V
<Conn067> But seriously there is a guy running around with my name :)
<Tib> it's me
<Conn067> :O
<Conn067> yayz
=-= Tib is now known as Conn067`
* DevilHunter changes ingame name to Coon067 and gets masterbanned
<Conn067`> i'm gay
=-= Conn067` is now known as Tib
* TheToxicAvenger NP: Nasum [Human 2.0, 2000] - 1. Mass Hypnosis (00:03/01:05) {134 kbp/s}
<DevilHunter> Conn*
<DevilHunter> FUCK
<Tib> LOL
<DevilHunter> i hate typos
* Conn067 slaps DevilHunter
<TheToxicAvenger> LOL