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<@C405129> Did you know: Gullable has 9 letters in it?
<zbd> ... duh!
<Mik57> :|
<zbd> oh wait
<@Cyber> rofl
<zbd> its 8
<zbd> fuck you C
<Mik57> Nice
<@C405129> :V
<@Cyber> C4 wins cookie

<Hypernova> I can't get a boner!!!
<Hypernova> wtf
<~C405129> Ask your doctor about ED

<@RaymondTracer> /qdb/get.php?db=RFC1337&id=14
<@RaymondTracer> Oh man
<@RaymondTracer> I remember
<@RaymondTracer> I never really expected that to happen
<@C405129> me neither
<@RaymondTracer> I was just bored and decided on changing my nick to one letter like you did
<@RaymondTracer> Then everyone did it
<@C405129> Yeah
<@C405129> I might qline the nick "?"
<@C405129> (Everything with one letter)
<@C405129> then /nick to it
<@RaymondTracer> rofl
* Set_Abominae has joined #opers
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Set_Abominae
<@C405129> and laugh if anyone else (other than an oper) tries and fails
<@C405129> oh
<@C405129> no I won't
<@C405129> forget everything I said
<@C405129> Set_Abominae: You did not see anything.
<@C405129> Go back to your drinks
<@Set_Abominae> Um
* @Set_Abominae shifts eyes back and forth between C405129 and the shotgun
* @Set_Abominae grabs the shotgun and blows C405129 away
<@C405129> :(
* C405129 is now known as C
<@RaymondTracer> :o
<@C> You only took off the 405129
<@Set_Abominae> AAAAAAAA
* @C steals the shotgun from Set_Abominae and shoots RaymondTracer
<@RaymondTracer> hahaha
<@Set_Abominae> OWNT
* RaymondTracer is now known as Tracer
<@Tracer> You only shot half of me
<@Tracer> l2aim
<@C> :(
* @C shoots Set_Abominae
* Set_Abominae is now known as inae
<@inae> WTF man
<@Tracer> HAHAHA
* @C (~james@james.noc.staff.rfc1337) Quit (Killed (C (*shoots self*)))

<&RaymondTracer> fuck != fun
<~C405129> You should try it.
<~C405129> You might find it fun.
<&RaymondTracer> eh?
<~C405129> <&RaymondTracer> fuck != fun
<~C405129> I think you just owned yourself there.
<&RaymondTracer> wait
<&RaymondTracer> ffffff
<&RaymondTracer> WHAT AM I SAYING

<Set_Abominae> im masturbat - I MEAN LISTENING TO THE SENTINEL
<Set_Abominae> <_< >_>
<Tib> LOL
<Tib> they mean the same thing man
<Set_Abominae> WHAT

<&meredith> &google is cyber gay
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> meredith: Cybersocket - Gay Social Network | Gay Porn Directory | Gay Male ...: <>; Gay Chat - Cyber Fun: <>; <>; YouTube - Gay Cyber Sex In-Person: <>; Gay Sex Opinion Poll- Gay Cyber Sex:
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> meredith: <>; Cyber Center | The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community ...: <>; WikiAnswers - Whats gay cyber sex: <>; Cyber war over legalising gay sex: <
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> meredith: sex/484521/>
<Kratos> ...
<puhax> looooooooooool
<MP2E> hahahahah cybersocket
<PUN1SH3R> &google schmackenstien
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> PUN1SH3R: No matches found.
<MP2E> are you fucking serious
<Kratos> lol.
<puhax> &google butts
<MP2E> mrcybergay
<MP2E> lmao
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> puhax: YouTube - Big Butts: <>; YouTube - Sponge Bob Square Butt Burger King Commercial Full Song HD: <>; Law Offices of Butts and Johnson: <>; Dirty Butts: Combating Cigarette Litter and Pollution ...: <>; cityrag: Best
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> puhax: Celebrity Butts: <>; Butts Across America: <>; - Butts County: <>; The Research Page of Carter T. Butts: <>
<Kratos> &google Queer Qent
<PUN1SH3R> &google sleepenstien
<&meredith> &google guys with good taste :P
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> Kratos: Some Assembly Required: Playlists: <>; heart my steps: <>; FURNITURE,: <>; Wwri-w W^ ^' wyW^v-&Tiy*f(.*?????????W* 81MEDI. 9 JUILLET liUO: <>; THE LIBRARY OF TEXAS
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<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> Kratos: <>; Full text of "Illustrated phonics : a text-book for schools": <>
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<Cyber> &google lesbian mere
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> meredith: replicas-1712263.html>; Three 6 Mafia Speaks With Nexus on Politics, Perks, Parties ...: <>; Gay - Straight Men Taste Good - eXBii: <>; REVIEWS 201 ism of a high order : pleasing in good taste ...: <>
<MP2E> no such thing mere
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> Cyber: Touchstone Magazine - Mere Comments: Lutheran Lesbian "Bishop": <>; WikiAnswers - Is Brittany Mere Borgmann a lesbian: <>; Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence - Wikipedia, the ...:
<~Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo> Cyber: <>; Price tag for 'mere exposure to lesbian book' now hovering around ...: <>; Sapphic Salon: Kristen Stewart will share a mere moment with ...: <
* Graf-Alert-WeeabooWeeaboo was kicked by (Channel flood triggered (limit is 10 lines in 15 secs))
<Kratos> ......
<puhax> OWNED
<Kratos> ROFL
<PUN1SH3R> hahaha
<Kratos> hahahaha
<&meredith> &google assholes like cyber
<MP2E> or i will
<PUN1SH3R> git dat bitch outta hurrr
* MP2E bans you all from club
<Kratos> hahahaha
<Kratos> This is so fucking going into QDB
<&meredith> &google asshole cyber
<&meredith> fuck this
<MP2E> faillure
<puhax> akbdkasdlasdlbaksjdlak;dlabksd;jiamsnbdl;alsdnhalsh;apsdbla.sda;d/aosdfadufvisdhdfi'[ajos
* &meredith walks back to getting dry
<MP2E> driedman*
<&meredith> stupid 12 year olds by my fucking window

<Qent> Callum wait
<Qent> er
<Qent> -callum
<Set_Abominae> lol?
<Qent> could you host with ew and cd?
<Set_Abominae> who me? I cant hose :/
<Qent> and Callum is professing his love for mere :S
<TheToxicAvenger> lol Set
<Qent> nono, Meredith
<Set_Abominae> oh god
<Set_Abominae> *host
<TheToxicAvenger> LOL

<Set_Abominae> TO EAT
<Set_Abominae> ME ALIVE
<Set_Abominae> EAT
<Set_Abominae> ME ALIVE!!!
<Tib> o/
<Set_Abominae> o
<Set_Abominae> man Tib
<Set_Abominae> Priest is win
<Tib> tell me about it man
<Tib> priest were my first love (not gay)
<Set_Abominae> (was too gay_
<Set_Abominae> )
<Set_Abominae> and didnt you get into other shit before metal :|
<Set_Abominae> i know i started out with grunge and punk
<Set_Abominae> speaking of which, its Warning time
<Tib> Set_Abominae: of course i did
<Tib> if you have to be anal about it
<Tib> then lagwagon was my first love (not gay)
<Tib> then queen (not gay)
<Set_Abominae> well yeah,
<Set_Abominae> dont you know?
<Set_Abominae> my name is Set Anal Abominae
<Tib> LOL

<meredith> <EternalFantasy> you look a little smarter with brunette then blonde highlights =P
<ApoK> <EternalFantasy>Let's cyber. :|
<ApoK> rofl
<Qent_> rofl
<Tib> :|
<ApoK> He could just say that and get it over with. :|

<HeavenWraith> picked a lightscribe disc and drew a painkiller on it