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Quote #112
<@RaymondTracer> /qdb/get.php?db=RFC1337&id=14
<@RaymondTracer> Oh man
<@RaymondTracer> I remember
<@RaymondTracer> I never really expected that to happen
<@C405129> me neither
<@RaymondTracer> I was just bored and decided on changing my nick to one letter like you did
<@RaymondTracer> Then everyone did it
<@C405129> Yeah
<@C405129> I might qline the nick "?"
<@C405129> (Everything with one letter)
<@C405129> then /nick to it
<@RaymondTracer> rofl
* Set_Abominae has joined #opers
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Set_Abominae
<@C405129> and laugh if anyone else (other than an oper) tries and fails
<@C405129> oh
<@C405129> no I won't
<@C405129> forget everything I said
<@C405129> Set_Abominae: You did not see anything.
<@C405129> Go back to your drinks
<@Set_Abominae> Um
* @Set_Abominae shifts eyes back and forth between C405129 and the shotgun
* @Set_Abominae grabs the shotgun and blows C405129 away
<@C405129> :(
* C405129 is now known as C
<@RaymondTracer> :o
<@C> You only took off the 405129
<@Set_Abominae> AAAAAAAA
* @C steals the shotgun from Set_Abominae and shoots RaymondTracer
<@RaymondTracer> hahaha
<@Set_Abominae> OWNT
* RaymondTracer is now known as Tracer
<@Tracer> You only shot half of me
<@Tracer> l2aim
<@C> :(
* @C shoots Set_Abominae
* Set_Abominae is now known as inae
<@inae> WTF man
<@Tracer> HAHAHA
* @C (~james@james.noc.staff.rfc1337) Quit (Killed (C (*shoots self*)))