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Quote #48: Not even lubed
<SyKoTiC> let me at him.
<Gustavo6046> gay
<SyKoTiC> puppy power, mother fucker
<Gustavo6046> ???
<SyKoTiC> Oh right
<SyKoTiC> your too young for that ref
<SyKoTiC> youre*
<Dark-Assassin> You're both gay, just get a room already
<Gustavo6046> Nah, I'm almost 14 (check my birthday, May 16th )
<Gustavo6046> I though just WoodPecker was gay
<SyKoTiC> DA we are all a little gay because we all want a big d.
<Gustavo6046> Man we are doing Zaank mythology
<Gustavo6046> The gays, the puppy powas, the autists, the pile of shit foods
<WoodPecker> fuck you Gustavo6046
<Gustavo6046> Yes, I'm not even lubed
<Gustavo6046> wait what
<Gustavo6046> why did I say that
<SyKoTiC> im saving that
<Gustavo6046> xd
<Gustavo6046> It's not like you are going to put it on your quit message like marc.
<SyKoTiC> I'm gonna sell it.
<Gustavo6046> hah, shouldn't be worth a penny.
<Gustavo6046> Maybe at gay strip clubs looking for more.
<Gustavo6046> But that is crime.
<Gustavo6046> I mean, not the club being gay, but the club...
<Gustavo6046> what was it called?
<Dark-Assassin> Gay
<Gustavo6046> The club hijacking the person.
<Gustavo6046> That's sexual abuse.
<Gustavo6046> (hijack because I couldn't remember it)
<SyKoTiC> Stop
<Gustavo6046> dense
<SyKoTiC> Put down the shovel.
<Gustavo6046> The what
<SyKoTiC> Because you are digging a hole of gay
<SyKoTiC> You cant escape.
<Gustavo6046> Anyways, you are as dense as steel
<Gustavo6046> I'm only heavy metal because I'm volumous.