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Quote #49: Konar6 is a furry?
<Gustavo6046> *cough cough cough cough*
<Gustavo6046> Fucking throat ache.
<WoodPecker> suckign too much dick
<abbuw> keep your window shakin godforsaken voice down
<WoodPecker> abbuw u wanna win against me in some duels later on tonight
<Ken_RD> .
<Gustavo6046> WoodPecker, I knew someone would say that!
<Gustavo6046> *coff*
<Gustavo6046> Nhyt!
<WoodPecker> take ur roleplaying to furry
* WoodPecker dabs
<Gustavo6046> I'm not roleplaying.
<Gustavo6046> And furry is a dead channel (I once tried to pseudo-own it)
<@FusedQyou> Did Konar6 take it over?
<@FusedQyou> I heard he's a furry
<+LinkBot> [ Screenshot by Lightshot ]
<SyKoTiC> Is he Renamon?
<WoodPecker> this is very inspirational
<WoodPecker> i will save this screenshot