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Owner: Dark-Assassin
Quote #56: BAN BAN BAN!
abbuw nax!!!! i want those ftp files on my desk PRONTO!!!
<-- Harbinger ( has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
* Dark-Assassin bans abbuw
* nax bans abbuw harder
* Dark-Assassin bans abbuw using the firewall
* MiFU calls admin abuse and fires Dark-Assassin and nax
@MiFU gg
* nax bans MiFU
* Dark-Assassin firewall bans MiFU too
* nax hacks the firewall while a 90's montage is playing by playing a 3d game of SNAKE and bans Dark-Assassin
%Dark-Assassin Heh
%Dark-Assassin I don't need this fancy bs
* nax plays cyber connect 4 and hacks into the pentagon