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Quote #47: The Prime Rib
<Gustavo6046> Sean and Chrisella tried to impersonate me in other IRC networks, and they are now planning to spam #j with 4chan and my shit facebook pis.
<Gustavo6046> pics*
<Gustavo6046> That is a fictional example.
<Gustavo6046> Every relationship with real events should be considered as accidental and used jokingly only.
<@FusedQyou> Sowhat's so hard about just privatising your pictures?
<@FusedQyou> I doubt they have saved them already
<SyKoTiC> thats why i save nudes in usersub on imgur ;)
<SyKoTiC> Im a nice guy i swear
<Gustavo6046> SyKoTiC, nudes are nothing for me - I always prefer the real deal
<Gustavo6046> And irl
<Gustavo6046> And ok, I did a precise description of an existing event.
<SyKoTiC> So thats why you uninstalled Grindr?
<Gustavo6046> An event that may happen
<Gustavo6046> (but didn't happen -- yet)
<Dark-Assassin> Gustavo6046 likes the dick IRL
<Gustavo6046> what
<SyKoTiC> You just said you like real deal
<SyKoTiC> The real meat.
<SyKoTiC> Not that mcdonalds shit.
<Gustavo6046> I mean that I prefer the real fun for the real visual.
<SyKoTiC> You want the prime rib
<Gustavo6046> wtf