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Quote #66: IQ
<@Tribeam> *chat4 how stupid is it to put yourself in $40k of debt to buy shares in nintendo, to complain to the nintendo president about lack of male poses in splatoon?
<+Zrv5> Tribeam: An error occurred: (429) You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.
<@Tribeam> oh
<@Tribeam> DrinkyBird we costed you money :(
<@DrinkyBird> Tribeam: robots cost monies!
<@DrinkyBird> *eval 35*1.2
<+Zrv5> DrinkyBird: 42
<@DrinkyBird> $42 :D
<@Tribeam> ow
<@DrinkyBird> or £33
<@DrinkyBird> so yeah, the average IQ of this channel drops significantly over this week
<@Tribeam> DrinkyBird i would like to see your method of finding that out
<@Tribeam> oh i get it
<@Tribeam> nvm im stupid
<@Tribeam> ....just proved your message
<@Tribeam> fuck