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Quote #60: Figuring out what "csnxs" really means
m i f u カ卸駅ニ Rude
csnxs I'll show you ride in a minute
DoomJoshuaBoy Get Rekt by @m i f u カ卸駅ニ because he’s more helpful than you. @csnxs
csnxs wow rude
DoomJoshuaBoy Well you’re saying rude stuff lol
m i f u カ卸駅ニ Lol Destoryed
csnxs im literally crying now no joke
Neptune pics or it didn't happen
Craneo i got the pic CSNXS crying
csnxs csnxs is not an acronym
Craneo csnxs crying or well Sean crying ok
Marcaek csnxs more like csnin
csnxs garry.png
TigeStinaClipseCisFistNeoTina LMAO
Nautilus He's trying really hard to keep it cool with that weak half-grin of his
░▒▓ TheMisterCat ▓▒░ its not an acronym so what you pronounce it 'cizz-nicksus'?
csnxs c s n x s
Craneo si es en ex es
ManiC c-s-n excess(edited) see's n excess
Zero09 what the fuck have i walked into
ManiC dont know im just playing along
TigeStinaClipseCisFistNeoTina Wtf :cybass: snxs
csnxs tiger can you contribute something useful for once in your life
TigeStinaClipseCisFistNeoTina LRMFAO.