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joebobjoe firewalls are the stupidest invention I've ever heard of
joebobjoe it should be up to each host to protect itself
Affliction yes, the internet was designed in atime when everyone on the network was trusted.
joebobjoe you don't need to be on a trusted network to get rid of firewalls.. just protect yourself
joebobjoe what's the problem?
AndyCap ident (and some other unix ideas) came crashing down once it didn't cost $100,000 to become root any more.
self joebobjoe, can you give me your bank account info? you can trust me
self the firewall *is* protection
joebobjoe I'll give you my ipv6 address and disable the firewall on my router
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self and then what
joebobjoe you can't do shit
joebobjoe because my host isn't stupid
self are you sure
joebobjoe and it's operator isn't
joebobjoe yea my ssh is protected with a key
joebobjoe firewalling just stops people from being able to connect with each other
Shell believe it or not vulnerabilities in the TCP/IP stack are fairly common, and a firewall protects client machines from them. :)
joebobjoe it's a way for big companies to remain in charge
Affliction joebobjoe: and if there's a preauth exploit in your sshd?
Affliction HAHA
Affliction ok
Affliction I'm done
Affliction that's a good one though