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<@DrinkyBird> yay I get to download 60gb of data from braben's spare bbc micro they left in their cupboard
<@Affliction> can you get it on data casette?
<@Affliction> 2400 baud FSK encoded
<@Affliction> that'll be not quite 7000 hours!
<@DrinkyBird> 22.1 GB (23,760,150,528 bytes)
<@DrinkyBird> hehe, mine's bigger than yours!
<@Affliction> 3472 2-hour tapes
<@DrinkyBird> loading 60gb from tape, oh god
<@Affliction> 6944.444444444444 hours :)
<@Affliction> 289 days!
<@DrinkyBird> so by the time you've loaded the alpha, they've released the full thing, and probably an update or two
<@DrinkyBird> think I'll stick to downloading it
<@Affliction> oh
<@Affliction> the BBC Micro runs at 300 or 1200 baud
<@Affliction> so, multiply by 2 for 1200