Only some mods have been updated for tModLoader v0.11. Sorry for any inconvenience.
This mod forces a bunch of solid blocks to blend with eachother.
Furniture, non solid blocks and grass blocks are excluded from this.
Grass blocks only affects vanilla ones as there is no way to detect if it is grass or not.
v1.1* Removed DALib requirement * Updated for tModLoader v0.11 v1.0.3* Fixed some modded tiles not being modified by this mod * Made some tiles not able to merge while others around them can merge into them * Excluded Team tiles form merging into any other tiles * Excluded Balloon tiles from having tiles try and merge into it * Excluded Teleporter tiles v1.0.2.1* Reverted client side loading due to issues with DALib v1.0.2* Allowed mod to load on the client side * Added code to prevent mod from loading if NoBlend is loaded v1.0.1* Made it so tiles don't try and blend into rope but still allow rope to blend into tiles. v1.0* Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme * Yet again fixed modded tiles not blending because I broke it again unknowingly v0.3.4.1* Allowed Ropes and other rope types to blend. v0.3.4* Fixed the grass check to stop it from blending. Turns out that was also causing the long load times. v0.3.3* Added check to see if this mod has already done it's work to prevent long reload times v0.3.1* Ok, it should be definitely fixed now v0.3* Previous fixes didn't work in all circumstances, so I rewrote the code. * Unavoidable increase in load time v0.2* Fixed Door, TrapDoor and Gate tiles blending when closed