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Filename: DurabilityX.tmod
Version: v1.0.2
Downloads: 11277
Last Update: 2019-01-20 05:27:54
Adds durability to weapons and armor as well as giving them qualities that modify their stats based on their durability.
Originally based off Hamstar's durability mod for TML v0.9.x, I have basically rewritten the entire thing.
Main changes
* Rewrote all the internal code * Removed global multiplier * Removed durability from pets, mounts and grappling hooks * Recipes removed, instead added a "Pick up hammer and right click the item" method * Quality affixes, determined by durability, will affect an item's overall stats * HP Bars and Durability text will turn a light blue after passing regular quality * Hammer quality determines repair amount * Different durability usage methods * Different durability formula * Broken items can be configured to not be destroyed * All hammers can repair items when you're at the anvil * Added extended tooltips for durability usage, hammer instructions and repair amounts * Added popup numbers when repairing showing the amount repaired and it's cost * Added multipliers for armor, weapons, tools and repairing * Added messages when durability is low or critical, or item is destroyed * Added item icons for when durability is low or critical, or item is destroyed
v1.0.2 * Added thinner health bars to items * Fixed subtle character and world corruption when using this mod * Fixed items like Clockwork Assault Rifle from degrading at end of use * Fixed right clicking items made them disappear v1.0 * Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme * Requires my new Library Mod * Forced some Split mod weapons to work correctly * Changed some UI scales and alphas * Changed item health colors. Epic now shows as purple. Items that cannot go to Perfect will not go cyan. * Added ability to hide precice information like health and how many uses left * Added more debug tooltips * Fixed some tooltips not showing correct values * Forced hammer repairs to 1x and not close to * Fixed Prefixes being constantly rerolled * Removed Velocity changes from Qualities v0.4: * Added config option to disable Qualities * Changed default option to Destroy Item to false * Changed Repair tooltip to mention an anvil * Changed default durabilities from a fixed amount to a small random range depending on how it was aquired * Changed default durability loss from 0% to 50% to hopefully prevent items from initializing with 100% durability when they shouldn't * Fixed conflict with Reforge Armor mod * Slightly increased durability drain on all items * Additionally halved drain on items that degrade on each use * Drastically increased durability drain on summoning items * Halved repair rate of summoning items v0.3.8: * Fixed tools degrading too fast v0.3.7: * Changed modified defense tooltip to be exact rather than percentage * Added fishing skill tooltip * Changed repair values * Added check to stop other right clickable items from not consuming * Added maximum repair cost based on how much is repaired rather than using the full amount * Allowed hammers to repair again? This should have been done in a previous update... * Changed calculation formula yet again. No longer relies on rarity but back to using stats again, like how it was before, but a bit different. * Added alternative calculation to use a different UseTime calculation, however if favours slower weapons. * Removed the direct editing of item names and instead just edited the tooltip, however it's only the tooltip at this time * Changed starting durability loss to 50% from 75% * Defense changes are calculated with a stronger multiplier so you don't need higher than Platinum armor to get the benefits v0.3.6: * Added compatability with ARPGLoot, thanks to セフィロス for reporting incompatability v0.3.5: * Added some more min/max checks to hopefully stop hammers from rarely getting infinite durability * Fixed items disappearing while trying to repair with Autopause enabled. ^ However, the code won't execute properly with it enabled so you cannot repair items with it enabled. * Added config option to allow changing the text notifications to the chat area instead * Fixed reforging not saving the durability loss * Reforging will only repair 1x the repair rate * Removed the vanilla prefixes with the same titles as the qualities * Added Epic quality * Bad prefixes increase durability usage by 50% and set maximum quality to Normal * Not so bad prefixes increase durability usage by 25% and set maximum quality to Superior * Ultimate prefixes decrease durability usage by 25% and set maximum quality to Epic * Added additional check to initialize uninititalized items * Added additional check to remove broken items from inventory even after config change * Durability tooltip color is now the same as the health bar v0.3.4: * Refined code a bit v0.3.3: * Removed more redundant config options. * Changed formula again, however left the old one available as a config option. * Changed repair formula, all items now have a Repair Rate based on their rarity. * Made it so you can no longer repair hammers. This will stay until I find a viable balance. * Repairs will now take the full cost of durability for the hammer regardless on how much is repaired. * Added config option to show messages in the chat window instead of floating. * Renamed a bunch of client side config options for better understanding of what they do. v0.3.2: * Refined code a bunch more * Added support for a few mods * Forced Clentaminator to have durability. Some more non weapon tools will come later. * I forgot to add the Multiplier code before, so now they work properly * Reduced tooltips a bit * Fixed conclict with Weapon Charging and Power Attacks that would cause items to take damage twice * Fixed WeaponOut fist items taking damage when using but not hitting * Fixed a few vanilla and Pumpking items not taking damage when using or hitting * Fixed a few vanilla items taking damage when hitting when they already took damage from using * Tool usage will now use a different calculation. Weapon tools will have these rates next to the original ones and they will not take damage into consideration. * Non channeled weapon degredation amount now depends on DPS rather than Damage + Use Time, else it's just their Use Time. * Fixed items breaking when just barely above 0% * Fixed mana checks to include Player's mana reduction * Fixed items still being somewhat usable after being destroyed if they aren't removed from the inventory v0.3.0 * Overhauled the code again * Durabilities are 100 based with float degradation rather than fixed values. This means changing the multiplier will no longer give or take durability. * Removed a few config options * Hopefully repairing is still decent * Should work with a wider range of modded weapons now * Added support for Mod Settings Configurator * Added config reload command v0.2.4 * Fixed a few bugs causing some items to constantly lose durability. This was a change in TML that I missed. * Works with SSC now. v0.2.3 * Renamed mod to Item Qualities and Durability * Completely rewrote the netcode * Changed debug messages v0.2.2 * Fixed massive FPS loss with inventory open. v0.2.1 * Fixed wrong url v0.2 * Updated for TML v0.10.x * Added durability to non damage tools, mounts and endless ammo * Rewrote a bunch under the hood, not sure if any of Hamstar's original code is left * Added quality affixes which work along any other affix (Broken, Damaged, Worn, Normal, Superior, Perfect) and they are set depending on the durability * Said quality affixes will affect your overall weapon stats * Reaching Broken, Damaged or Worn qualities will warn you * Items dropped in the world are initialy rolled with Worn quality * Items crafted are rolled with the Normal quality * Items usually bought from merchants are rolled with the Superior quality * Changed Healthbar code for the items from my code in Player Health and Mana Bar * >50% health for items will shift to cyan from green * Added the ability to have not items be removed when destroyed * Broken items will have a red X mark instead of a red Heart * Added the ability to hide some tooltip items * Added debug setting in config * Removed repair from Reforging * Added base durability for all items, which acts like a minimum too * Disabled Healthbar Text as I have no idea how to get that working in this version of TML * Removed contribution of item affixes to total durability * Changed up base calculations a bit v0.1.2 * Fixed weapons with 0 useTime breaking your inventory (ie: Raiden from Weapon Out)