Only some mods have been updated for tModLoader v0.11. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Item Qualities and Durability
Filename: DurabilityX.tmod
Version: v1.0.2
Downloads: 15826
Last Update: 2019-01-20 05:27:54
This mod has not been updated for tModLoader v0.11 and will not work.
Adds durability to weapons and armor as well as giving them qualities that modify their stats based on their durability.
Originally based off Hamstar's durability mod for TML v0.9.x, I have basically rewritten the entire thing.
Main changes
* Rewrote all the internal code * Removed global multiplier * Removed durability from pets, mounts and grappling hooks * Recipes removed, instead added a "Pick up hammer and right click the item" method * Quality affixes, determined by durability, will affect an item's overall stats * HP Bars and Durability text will turn a light blue after passing regular quality * Hammer quality determines repair amount * Different durability usage methods * Different durability formula * Broken items can be configured to not be destroyed * All hammers can repair items when you're at the anvil * Added extended tooltips for durability usage, hammer instructions and repair amounts * Added popup numbers when repairing showing the amount repaired and it's cost * Added multipliers for armor, weapons, tools and repairing * Added messages when durability is low or critical, or item is destroyed * Added item icons for when durability is low or critical, or item is destroyed
v1.0.2* Added thinner health bars to items * Fixed subtle character and world corruption when using this mod * Fixed items like Clockwork Assault Rifle from degrading at end of use * Fixed right clicking items made them disappear v1.0* Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme * Requires my new Library Mod * Forced some Split mod weapons to work correctly * Changed some UI scales and alphas * Changed item health colors. Epic now shows as purple. Items that cannot go to Perfect will not go cyan. * Added ability to hide precice information like health and how many uses left * Added more debug tooltips * Fixed some tooltips not showing correct values * Forced hammer repairs to 1x and not close to * Fixed Prefixes being constantly rerolled * Removed Velocity changes from Qualities v0.4:* Added config option to disable Qualities * Changed default option to Destroy Item to false * Changed Repair tooltip to mention an anvil * Changed default durabilities from a fixed amount to a small random range depending on how it was aquired * Changed default durability loss from 0% to 50% to hopefully prevent items from initializing with 100% durability when they shouldn't * Fixed conflict with Reforge Armor mod * Slightly increased durability drain on all items * Additionally halved drain on items that degrade on each use * Drastically increased durability drain on summoning items * Halved repair rate of summoning items v0.3.8:* Fixed tools degrading too fast v0.3.7:* Changed modified defense tooltip to be exact rather than percentage * Added fishing skill tooltip * Changed repair values * Added check to stop other right clickable items from not consuming * Added maximum repair cost based on how much is repaired rather than using the full amount * Allowed hammers to repair again? This should have been done in a previous update... * Changed calculation formula yet again. No longer relies on rarity but back to using stats again, like how it was before, but a bit different. * Added alternative calculation to use a different UseTime calculation, however if favours slower weapons. * Removed the direct editing of item names and instead just edited the tooltip, however it's only the tooltip at this time * Changed starting durability loss to 50% from 75% * Defense changes are calculated with a stronger multiplier so you don't need higher than Platinum armor to get the benefits v0.3.6:* Added compatability with ARPGLoot, thanks to セフィロス for reporting incompatability v0.3.5:* Added some more min/max checks to hopefully stop hammers from rarely getting infinite durability * Fixed items disappearing while trying to repair with Autopause enabled. ^ However, the code won't execute properly with it enabled so you cannot repair items with it enabled. * Added config option to allow changing the text notifications to the chat area instead * Fixed reforging not saving the durability loss * Reforging will only repair 1x the repair rate * Removed the vanilla prefixes with the same titles as the qualities * Added Epic quality * Bad prefixes increase durability usage by 50% and set maximum quality to Normal * Not so bad prefixes increase durability usage by 25% and set maximum quality to Superior * Ultimate prefixes decrease durability usage by 25% and set maximum quality to Epic * Added additional check to initialize uninititalized items * Added additional check to remove broken items from inventory even after config change * Durability tooltip color is now the same as the health bar v0.3.4:* Refined code a bit v0.3.3:* Removed more redundant config options. * Changed formula again, however left the old one available as a config option. * Changed repair formula, all items now have a Repair Rate based on their rarity. * Made it so you can no longer repair hammers. This will stay until I find a viable balance. * Repairs will now take the full cost of durability for the hammer regardless on how much is repaired. * Added config option to show messages in the chat window instead of floating. * Renamed a bunch of client side config options for better understanding of what they do. v0.3.2:* Refined code a bunch more * Added support for a few mods * Forced Clentaminator to have durability. Some more non weapon tools will come later. * I forgot to add the Multiplier code before, so now they work properly * Reduced tooltips a bit * Fixed conclict with Weapon Charging and Power Attacks that would cause items to take damage twice * Fixed WeaponOut fist items taking damage when using but not hitting * Fixed a few vanilla and Pumpking items not taking damage when using or hitting * Fixed a few vanilla items taking damage when hitting when they already took damage from using * Tool usage will now use a different calculation. Weapon tools will have these rates next to the original ones and they will not take damage into consideration. * Non channeled weapon degredation amount now depends on DPS rather than Damage + Use Time, else it's just their Use Time. * Fixed items breaking when just barely above 0% * Fixed mana checks to include Player's mana reduction * Fixed items still being somewhat usable after being destroyed if they aren't removed from the inventory v0.3.0* Overhauled the code again * Durabilities are 100 based with float degradation rather than fixed values. This means changing the multiplier will no longer give or take durability. * Removed a few config options * Hopefully repairing is still decent * Should work with a wider range of modded weapons now * Added support for Mod Settings Configurator * Added config reload command v0.2.4* Fixed a few bugs causing some items to constantly lose durability. This was a change in TML that I missed. * Works with SSC now. v0.2.3* Renamed mod to Item Qualities and Durability * Completely rewrote the netcode * Changed debug messages v0.2.2* Fixed massive FPS loss with inventory open. v0.2.1* Fixed wrong url v0.2* Updated for TML v0.10.x * Added durability to non damage tools, mounts and endless ammo * Rewrote a bunch under the hood, not sure if any of Hamstar's original code is left * Added quality affixes which work along any other affix (Broken, Damaged, Worn, Normal, Superior, Perfect) and they are set depending on the durability * Said quality affixes will affect your overall weapon stats * Reaching Broken, Damaged or Worn qualities will warn you * Items dropped in the world are initialy rolled with Worn quality * Items crafted are rolled with the Normal quality * Items usually bought from merchants are rolled with the Superior quality * Changed Healthbar code for the items from my code in Player Health and Mana Bar * >50% health for items will shift to cyan from green * Added the ability to have not items be removed when destroyed * Broken items will have a red X mark instead of a red Heart * Added the ability to hide some tooltip items * Added debug setting in config * Removed repair from Reforging * Added base durability for all items, which acts like a minimum too * Disabled Healthbar Text as I have no idea how to get that working in this version of TML * Removed contribution of item affixes to total durability * Changed up base calculations a bit v0.1.2* Fixed weapons with 0 useTime breaking your inventory (ie: Raiden from Weapon Out)