Only some mods have been updated for tModLoader v0.11. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Enemy Affixes
Filename: EnemyModifiers.tmod
Version: v1.0.5
Downloads: 102816
Last Update: 2018-11-30 15:58:05
This mod has not been updated for tModLoader v0.11 and will not work.
Similar to the Prefixes for Enemies mod, this adds the Vanilla Weapon Modifiers to most NPCs.
* NPCs and Bosses will have a 33% chance to receive a prefix or suffix * Stat, Scale and Speed changes are 2x base values overall
Stats based on vanilla item prefixes
* Damage => NPC.Damage * Config.statMult * CriticalChance => NPC.KnockbackResistance * 5 * Config.statMult & NPC.Scale * 2.5 * Config.scaleMult * Knockback => NPC.MaxLife * Config.statMult * Speed => NPC.MovementSpeed * Config.speedMult * Size => NPC.Scale * Config.scaleMult * Velocity => NPC.MovementSpeed * Config.speedMult * ManaCost (switch +/-) => NPC.Defense * Config.statMult & NPC.Scale * Config.scaleMult
Additional optional debuf suffixes
* of Blinding * of Breaking * of Burning * of Chilling * of Confusion * of Cursed Flames * of Cursing * of Darkening * of Dazing * of Distorting * of Rabies * of Flames * of Freezing * of Frost Flames * of Obstructing * of Oozing * of Penetrating * of Poison * of Sepsis * of Shocking * of Silencing * of Slashing * of Sliming * of Slowing * of Stinking * of Stoning * of The Moon * of Venom * of Weakening * of Webbing * of Wettening * of Withering
screenshots/Screenshot 2017-03-30 21.06.16.png?dl=0
v1.0.5* Changed all stat defaults to 2x for all types * Added experimental fix to prevent NPCs from going invisible and unhitable in Multiplayer * Added ability for enemies with Epic level affixes to have doubled aggression and drop rates separately * Added ability to turn off death announcements for enemies with Epic level affixes v1.0.4* Fixed a bug that would cause silent errors when running with Overhaul (may not be specific to that) online. v1.0.3* Reduced default stat multipliers * Added check to stop freezing when trying to assign pretty much every affix at once v1.0.2* Added modified collision checks for faster NPCs v1.0.1* Fixed NPCs not getting any affixes at all * Removed separate chances and max amounts * Created affix pool system * Added ability to enable or disable any affix types * Fixed MoonLord's Hands and Released Eyes from not getting the affixes from the MoonLord's Core v1.0* Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme * Requires my new Library Mod * Added a bunch more missing NPCs from mods that are already supported * Added support for the Split mod * Added support for the Elements Awoken mod * Added more checks for bosses v0.4.8.1:* Hopefully fixed the silent errors that happen v0.4.8:* Changed default Scale Multiplier to 1.5 * Changed default Speed Multiplier to 5 * Added Epic Multipliers for those Epic prefixes with higher multiplers than standard * Added Negative Multipliers for Negative stat changes with lower multipliers than standard * Added option to allow all normal prefixes rather than ones for specific NPC groups * Added some custom Suffixes that apply vanilla debuffs to players with 1/4 chance for about 1 or 5 seconds depending on the debuff * Added separate accessory prefixes however what they modify may be subject to change * Maximum multipliers changed to 10 from 100 [b]Dammit, forgot to add a few versions[b] [b]v0.4.5[/b]: * Reigned in minimum clamping of Speed and Scale * Added GRealm NPCs [b]v0.4.4[/b]: * Added support for Mod Settings Configurator * Added config reload command [b]v0.4.3[/b]: * Renamed to Enemy Affixes * Fixed all netcode problems. All affixes will now sync again! * Moved config to Mod Configs folder and suffixed a version string * Changed debug messages [b]v0.4.2[/b]: * Added modded NPCs from Calamity, SpiritMod and Thorium into the Melee, Ranged and Magic categories, again config needs to be cleared. * Hardcoded some inheritence for NPCs such as vanilla Worms and Most vanilla Bosses that spawn additional monsters. Modded ones may come later but for now, modded worms are forcefully ignored. * Fixed NPCs which technically transform from rolling a new prefix [b]v0.4.1[/b]: * Disabled the debug by default. Everyone else must disable it in the config manually. * Floored overall scale multiplier from 1% to 10%. Everything else is still floored at 1%. [b]v0.4[/b]: * Fixed percentages actually being reversed * Removed knockBackResistFactor and knockBackScaleFactor from config * Made Melee, Ranged and Magic prefixes now apply to only the similar monsters. Those who don't fit these will only recieve common prefixes up to Godly. * Made it so you can add/change enemies with the config by using their IDs or ModIDs. Modded NPCs aren't added by default, so feel free submit a list! * A NEW CONFIG MUST BE GENERATED! DELETE YOUR OLD ONE! [b]v0.3.3[/b]: * Fixed all strings, so no more Legacy stuff [b]v0.3.2[/b]: * Fixed Calamity not working with this mod [b]v0.3.1[/b]: * Updated for TML 0.10 [b]v0.3[/b]: * Fixed fast NPCs moving through tiles * Changed NPC speed method * Fixed all slimes being the same scale * Fixed some non killable NPCs getting modifiers * Fixed setting maximum prefixes above 62 would cause the game to hang * Fixed chance being the opposite (33 = 67% chance) [b]v0.2[/b]: * Added config