Only Server Sided Characters has been updated for tModLoader v0.11. The rest haven't yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Filename: NoPrefixes.tmod
Version: v1.1
Downloads: 11875
Last Update: 2018-11-06 10:32:46
This mod will remove all vanilla prefixes from your items and weapons automatically.
It works best with Even More Modifiers, Diablo 2 Affixes, Item Qualities and Durabaility, or if you want bit of a more hardcore playthrough.
As of v1.1, disabling this mod will restore your previous prefixes.
For you mod developers
If your mod requires the Reforge menu, for example: to reroll custom affixes or repair durability, add this mod to your weakReferences in build.txt and add this code to your Mod class:
public static bool AllowReforge {
	get {
		if (ModLoader.GetMod("NoPrefixes") != null) {
			return NoPrefixes.Settings.AllowReforge;
		return true;
	set {
		if (ModLoader.GetMod("NoPrefixes") != null) {
			NoPrefixes.Settings.AllowReforge = value;
public override void Load() {
	AllowReforge = true;
If reforging is enabled and this mod is loaded, your items won't lose or change their old prefix after reforging when you unload this mod.
v1.1 * Overhauled code yet again. Now uses TerrariaHooks * Added the ability for items to keep their prefixes when the mod is unloaded * Also disabled Reforge menus, which a mod can re-enable them if needed v1.0.2 * Overhauled code again. Should work properly this time. v1.0.1 * Stopped items from being completely reset which resulted in losing all their mod data too v1.0 * Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme v0.3 * Changed method of removing prefixes yet again v0.2 * Changed method of removing prefixes * Reforging will no longer secretly apply prefix data