Only some mods have been updated for tModLoader v0.11. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Power Attacks
Filename: PowerAttacks.tmod
Version: v1.2.1.1
Downloads: 7624
Last Update: 2018-11-03 20:39:23
This mod has not been updated for tModLoader v0.11 and will not work.
This mod gives you the ability to charge up your attacks while holding the fire button.
* Melee weapons, Throwing weapons, Bows and Magic weapons have multiplied damage. * Grenades, Spiky Balls and other similar projectiles will not gain damage bonuses. * Bows, Throwing weapons and other thrown utility items like rope coils have multiplied velocity. * Guns and Crossbows have multiplied critical rates. * Magic weapons will drain your mana slowly while charging. * Summoning weapons, Clinger Staff, Crimson and Nimbus Rods, Rainbow Gun, Rod of Discord, Magic Mirrors and a few other items must charge all the way to be used, but they receive no multipliers and charging cannot be disabled. * Moving around with ranged weapons will decrease the maximum charge they can receive. * Moving forward with melee weapons will increase the charge they start at. * Swinging a melee weapon while moving forward will cause you to do a short dash forward. If you collide with an enemy wile dashing, you will bounce back with no damage taken. * Taking damage will reduce how much charge an item has gained. * Added direct support for Thorium, GRealm, WeaponOut, CalamityMod and SpiritMod.
* Swinging weapons will visually pull back while charging up * Bows will visually draw an arrow while charging up. The visible arrow depends on which ammo it will use. This however will be drawn behind and may not be visible on some bows. * Most magic weapons will also visually show their projectile's dust particles while charging up. * A charge amount bar will appear below the player when charging up. If you have Player Resource Bars enabled, that mod will handle this instead.
* Pressing the Inventory (Esc) key while charging an item will cancel charging said item. * By editing the config, you can make it so Tools will never charge up. * You can also make it so the same thing happens with all items when the smart cursor is enabled.
Weapons that cannot be charged at all
* Bows and Guns with Auto Refire with Fire Rates less than 1/4th a second. * Magic weapons with Auto Refire with Fire Rates less than 1/4th a second. * Spears, Flails and Yoyos. * Any channeled weapon. A bunch of modded weapons that had the channeled flag when it didn't need to have been fixed. * Most weapons with no damage.
Known Bugs
* Some modded items will be instantly used but not consumed. This is a problem with that mod doing weird things, probably calling code in CanUseItem. * Right clicking with minion summoning weapons will have no animation.
v1.2.1* Removed direct support for Player Health and Mana Bars as that mod with it's new rewrite (Player Resource Bars) directly supports this mod * If you doin't have said mod loaded, a much more basic charge bar will still draw * Changed default ChargeUpTime and ManaDrainRate to 2 from 1.5 v1.2* Overhauled how items are detected * Added a bunch of lists to force how items behave * Updated mod support * Added debug tooltips * Made it so the player will turn towards the cursor while charging up * Made it so toggling the smart cursor will not cancel charging items while they are already being charged * Allowed most magic weapons to show their projectile's dust particles while charging up * Fixed some items rotating when they shouldn't be * Lunar tools and others with burst hits will gain additional tool hits * Made it so swinging items will charge up faster while running forward * Made it so ranged weapons will lose charge while moving around * Fixed the vanilla melee weapons that wasn't working properly with this mod, however 1 side effect is the StarFury will shoot from the player instead. * Changed how sword dashing is done, including not taking damage while colliding with enemies * Made it so taking damage will reduce an item's charge * Removed config options SwordDashTakenDamageMult and SwordDashHoldSpeedMult v1.1* Changed base name to PowerAttacks * Added code to prevent mod from loading if Overhaul is loaded * Made a bunch of changes that should make things more stable * Some vanilla swords are stupid with their shooting so I had to add a check for that v1.0* Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme * Requires my new Library Mod * Made switching smart cursor on (when smart cursor disables charging) cancels the weapon charge v0.3.4* Fixed some Spirit Mod weapons not using power attacks * Smoothened out Swinging animations a bit * Changed the cancel button to right click instead of the inventory button * Made it so mostly charged swinging weapons swing faster than normal * Fixed the power attack cancel doing weird stuff * When canceling your power attack, you're now cursed from using weapons for it's use time for balance purposes. * Fixed held arrows flying off when canceling power attack * Fixed modded boss summoning items from doing weird things * Added ability for vanilla bows to show the arrows they will fire if it's not the same as the ammo used * Changed Melee Dashing to only work with physical melee weapons such as swords * Renamed Melee Dashing to Sword Dashing v0.3.3.1:* Fixed player freezing in place then they drop items and other rare cases v0.3.3:* This time I really allowed fishing poles to charge up * Flipped the forced autoReuse to always be true to allow charging up again after swinging when the mouse button is held down * Fixed Mana being drained from all players on a server when only one player is * Fixed Grenades, Spiky Balls and similar to increase damage after being charged up v0.3.2:* All items that shouldn't charge now no longer * Added a few more debug messages v0.3.1:* Added additional generalised checks for items such as boss summoning items and glow sticks, modded ones should work too * Changed item cancel debuff to 1 tick, anything higher wasn't actually needed to properly cancel the item v0.3:* Added Critical Multiplier * Added Critical charging to Guns and Crossbows * Allowed RopeCoil to charge * Allowed Summoning weapons, Rod of Discord, Magic Mirror and variants to charge, but they can only be used once fully charged * Items that must fully charge now have a tooltip stating so * Items that must fully charge cannot have their charging disabled at all * Items that must fully charge cannot use any multipliers * You can cancel item charging by pressing the inventory button * Redone how tool hits are calculated * Fixed BreakerBlade having a very slow use time when charging enabled * PlayerHealthManaBar no longer required but the charge bar will still shift below them if it is enabled * Added melee dashing, does not happen on mounts * Added movement slowdown when charging, separate one for melee, does not happen on mounts *Note: Dashing and Movement Slowdown currently does not work while wearing speed bootsv0.2.3:* Refined code even more v0.2.2:* Refined code even more * Fixed a few bugs here and there * Added GRealm support * Changed default values v0.2.1:* Fixed Mana Drain's formula v0.2.0:* Rewrote some of the code overall to be more reliable. * Added GRealm weapons to the config, though I had to blacklist almost every sword due to not using shoot but instead something in the AI which I cannot work around easily without rewriting them. * Fixed VileThorn and similar weapons from multiplying damage constantly. * Added a few more arrays for whitelisting and blacklisting projectiles and weapons. * When the charging is enabled, weapons that can be charged will show their min and max damage and mana. * All swords that shoot projectiles will always shoot them again. Blame incompatible shooting swords. * Projectiles shot from swords will have their damage cut in half. No more OP swords. * Added a bunch more debug messages. * Uncommented the Player Health and Mana Bars code that I forgot to in the previous version. (whoops) * Fixed ammo having their damages changed too when they shouldn't have.