Only some mods have been updated for tModLoader v0.11. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Mod has not been released
This mod will change how almost every tooltip is displayed as well as containing additional goodies.
Things Added
* Additional stats added from the player * Show how long potion sickness will last (Works well with Variable Potion Sickness) * What type of ammo the item needs * A warning if you don't have any ammo or bait that's required * What ammo group ammo types are * What ammo or bait is being used * Additional damage from ammo (Also adds the ammo damage to the damage line) * Additional fishing power from bait (Also adds the bait power to the fishing power line) * Removes existing tooltips stating what ammo is used * What melee weapons are imbued with (Vanilla imbues only) * What mod an item or NPC belongs to * A whole bunch of debug stuff if DALib's debug is enabled * Player, NPC and enemy tooltips * Tooltip and sign text backgrounds with customizeable colors * Separate tooltip header background with customizeable colors if you want it
More to come!
Note: The more square UI is because of a texture pack I'm using, it is not a part of this mod.