Only some mods have been updated for tModLoader v0.11. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Vanilla Edits
Filename: VanillaEdits.tmod
Version: v1.0.0.1
Downloads: 12199
Last Update: 2018-11-21 14:45:50
This mod has not been updated for tModLoader v0.11 and will not work.
Makes changes to a few vanilla items, NPCs, recipes and Projectiles to mainly give better balance.
Item QOL (Quality of Life)
- Magma Stone tooltip fixed to specify it only works on melee attacks - Paladin Shield tooltip fixed to specify it is immune to knockback - Frozen Turtle Shell specifies how much damage reduction it does - Waterwalking and obsidian variant now states you can also walk on honey
Armor Tweaks
- Gladiator Armor is the same as Ninja Armor - Obsidian Armor defense is the same as Fossil Armor. Boots give Fire Block immunity. Set bonus gives Obsidian Rose effect, On Fire immunity and Lava Immunity for 3 seconds - Ninja Clothes defence increased to 3, 5, 4 - Fossil Armor defence increased to 4, 7, 5 - Viking Helmet gives 33% thorns - Hardmode ore armor also increase thrown and summon stats - Necro armor, Hardmode ore ranged helmets, Frost armor, Shroomite armor and Vortex armor also increase thrown stats - Gi, Crimson armor and Hardmode ore melee helmets also increase summon stats - Eskimo Armor set gives reduced damage from chilling enemies - Vortex and Shroomite stealth also increases throwing damage
Armor QOL
- Shroomite Breastplate states it's ranged damage and ranged critical strike chance - Hallowed Helmet states it's melee damage, melee critical strike chance and melee speed - Obsidian and Gladiator armor now has blue rarity
Weapon Tweaks
- All stabby shortswords now swing - 25% increased speed for Katana and Breaker Blade - 25% increaded damage for Bone Glove, Wand of Sparking, Crimson Rod, Nimbus Rod, Spear, Trident, Aqua Scepter, Flamethrower, Wasp Gun, Nettle Burst, Flower Pow, Seedler, Leaf Blower, Elf Melter, Piranha Gun and Keybrand - 50% increaded damage for Imp Staff (Trying to make useless items useful again) - Reaver Shark's Pickaxe power reduced to 75%
Accessory Tweaks
- Renamed Cobalt Shield to Defender's Shield because it cannot be made out of cobalt ore, and doesn't make sense for Palladium worlds - Blindfold also protects from the Stoned debuff - Ankh Charm also protects from the Stoned, Chilled and Frozen debuffs - Ankh Shield also protects from the Stoned and Frozen debuffs - Informational items are no longer equippable accessories
NPC Tweaks
- Increased chances of Gladiator Armor drops - Increased chances of Eskimo Armor drops - Increased chance of Viking Helmet drop - Monsters that caused darkness that didn't drop the blindfold now can - Monsters that caused stoned can now drop the blindfold - Monsters that cause Chilled can now drop the Hand Warmer - Some other Ice Biome monsters can drop the Toolbox - Passive critters will now attempt to run away from players if they get too close. This excludes the Party Bunny, grubs and worms. - Expert Mode Skeletron has been nerfed a little. It's one of the hardest pre-hardmode expert bosses to battle with less than 3 players. - Skeletons outside of the Dungeon and all Hardmode Skeletons drop bones. Expert Mode does not chance these drop amounts.
Block Tweaks
- Bone Blocks now drop bones when destroyed
Additional Recipes
- Bone Welder can create the Bone Pickaxe, Sword, Arrow and Torch - Musket Balls can be crafted - Silver Bullets can be crafted from Tungsten - Shurikens and Throwing Knifes can be crafted - Chain Knife can be crafted - Chain Lantern can be crafted - Obsidian Rose can be crafted - Frozen Turtle Shell can be crafted - Jellyfish Necklace can be crafted - Diving Helmet can be crafted - Water Walking Boots can be crafted - Lava Charm can be crafted - Could/Blizzard/Sandstorm in a Bottle can be crafted - Ice Skates can be crafted - Band of Starpower and Panic Necklace are now exchangeable with each other - Slime Staff can be crafted - Wooden Beams can be restored to Wood - Traps can be crafted
There are a few bits here and there inspired from other similar mods. Use the Recipe Browser to see recipe components.
Known Bugs
- DD2 Event is completely unplayable
v1.0.0.1* Fixed DD2 enemies causing errors and disappearing when you aren't right next to them v1.0* Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme v0.2:* Finally updated for Terraria v1.3.5 * Reapplied Defender's Shield name change * Informational Items are no longer Accessories * Gladiator Armor share the same stats as Ninja now * Obsidian Armor share the same base stats as Fossil now * Reaver Shark's Pickaxe ability reduced to 75% * Tooltips now replace properly * Obsidian Helm and Shirt no longer have effects * Shroomite Headgear applies stats to Throwing weapons too * Shroomite Breastplate applies reduced ammo usage for Throwing weapons too * Changed Eskimo Armor Set Bonus Tooltip to the same as the Warmth Potion * Obsidian Armor Set Bonus now also gives the Lava Rose effect and On Fire immunity * Reduced Obsidian Armor Set Bonus Lava Immunity to 3 seconds from 5 * Increased distance of which friendly critters will run away * Increased drop chances of Gladiator and Eskimo Armor and Viking Helmet * Increased drop amount of Bones from non Dungeon Skeletons and Hardmode Skeletons * Added Recipe Groups to reduce the amount of recipes added