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Variable Potion Sickness
Filename: VariablePotionSickness.tmod
Version: v1.1.1.1
Downloads: 23999
Last Update: 2018-12-28 20:49:23
This mod has not been updated for tModLoader v0.11 and will not work.
Don't you hate it when you eat a mushroom or a lowly potion, get hardly any health and you cannot use another for 60 seconds? Or the difference in sickness between potions is exactly the same?
Well, this mod changes that.
All Life and Mana potions will give you a variable length of sickness based on how much is restored.
More Healing = More Sickness. Less Healing = Less Sickness.
Pretty much everything is configureable in the new config file.
- Mana Sickness has a maximum of 20 seconds at 75% dmaage reduction at maximum time. Mages beware. (May change depending on feedback) - Mana Sickness is affected by Philosopher's Stone. - Additional time added to both types of sickness is 1 second. - Philosopher's Stone's default sickness reduction is 25%
Fixed Rate Method: (Default) - Potion Sickness lasts for a fixed amount of time. - Defaults: - - 150 life healed gives 60 seconds of sickness. - - 200 mana healed gives 10 seconds of sickness. Still stacks. Ratio Method: - Potion Sickness lasts for a variable amount depending on the life healed and your maximum health. - Defaults: - - 100% of your maximum life healed gives 60 seconds of sickness. - - 100% of your maximum mana healed gives 10 seconds of sickness.
This will work with any item that heals using the vanilla method. Mod is configurable via [url=]Mod Settings Configurator[/url] or editng VariablePotionSickness.json and using the command /vps reload
Super Healing Potion:
v1.1.1* Fixed sickness not being applied to infinite use potions v1.1* Fixed mana sickness power reduction * Renamed some config options * Changed limits of some config options from 3600 to either 300 or 2500 * Removed most config options for the Philosophers Stone v1.0.1* Fixed some inconsistencies * Added support for Tooltips Plus * Fixed Player.manaSickTime from using the wrong values * Added Player.manaSickLessDmg changes * Changed AdditionalLifeSeconds and AdditionalManaSeconds to 2dp floats v1.0* Changed Icon * Restarted Version Scheme * Requires my new Library Mod * Toggling EnableLife or EnableMana will now reset their vanilla values or mod's the values immediately v0.4.2* Added support for Mod Settings Configurator * Added config reload command v0.4* Fixed config not syncing to clients when hosting v0.3* Added a config file * Added a new flat rate method along side the ratio method, which is now the default method * Fixed Mana Sickness damage bug * Philosopher's Stone now works v0.2* Fixed it actually not working