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! <Seanphone> Dark-Assassin hi
<Dark-Assassin> hi
<Seanphone> hi
<Affliction> hi
<Tribeam> hi
<D5807> hi
<Linky> hi
<StatBot> hi
<ServServ> hi
<fail> hi
<TheHelten> no
* ServServ gives channel operator status to Affliction
* Affliction has kicked TheHelten from #armada (DAMNIT)
<@Revilution> well i'm from Brazil anyway
<+Zebina> wait wat
<@Revilution> HUELand
<+Zebina> your not so far
<@Revilution> inb4Chile
<+Zebina> lol no im not south africa
<+Zebina> WTF DID I SAY
<+Zebina> WTF
<+Zebina> WTF
<@Revilution> WHAT
<+Zebina> !
<+Zebina> OMFG
<@Revilution> OMG ESTAR
<+Zebina> south america*
<+Zebina> holy fuck
<+Zebina> i just wrote that naturally
<+Zebina> dude wtf just happened to me
<@Revilution> i think another Tamer is throwing spells of madness on you
<+Zebina> ok this was weird
<@Revilution> ikr
<+Zebina> i wrote it and when i looked at screen i saw "africa" there
* Zebina has joined #zandronum
<Zebina> #tm
<Zebina> gg
<Zebina> you think i failed, but for the tm guys this is a great opportunity to be advertised
<Kokiri> #grandvoif
<Galactus> Konar6 u failed
<Galactus> uh
<Galactus> Kokiri u failed
<Galactus> damn
* has kicked Galactus from #zandronum (Channel flood triggered (limit is 5 lines in 8 secs))
<Dark-Assassin> lol
* Galactus has joined #zandronum
<Dark-Assassin> <Galactus> Konar6 u failed
<Galactus> *twice
<Zebina> that was best ever
<Dark-Assassin> This is valid too
<Zebina> ¨
<Zebina> im saving the logs
<Kokiri> u think i failed
<Kokiri> but its my new clan
<Zebina> dont steal my line cmon
<Kokiri> <Kokiri>u think i failed ©
<Kokiri> my line now
<Zebina> <Zebina>: you think i failed
<Zebina> pls
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Zebina> i demand (c)
<Kokiri> mince
<Kokiri> :D
<Zebina> kokiri can i join your clan
<Zebina> lets rket tm r lf pro a3 and bemoce the best in zandro
<Zebina> rekt*
<Kokiri> its a 1 man clan
<Kokiri> sorry
<Pomato1> Kokiri
<Pomato1> you are half a man
<Pomato1> I'm half a man
<Pomato1> together we make a man
<Pomato1> So let's make a 1 man clan
<Dark-Assassin> gay
<Pomato1> shhhh
<Zebina> kokiri
<Zebina> you cant just call a 1 thing a group
<Zebina> so its not a clan
<Pomato1> fuck you zebina im in kot's clan
<Zebina> wow
<Zebina> wanna fight?
* Zebina takes his shirt off
<Kokiri> wow hate
<Kokiri> r
<Dark-Assassin> Hopefully he doesn't take his pants off to
<Pomato1> lol
<Zebina> you need pants to fight wtf
<Pomato1> ya i wanna fight
<Zebina> k then
<Zebina> 1 V 1 ME
<Zebina> bowling
<Pomato1> ye
<Zebina> tonight
<Pomato1> bowling with flabs
<Pomato1> i win
<Pomato1> gg
* Zebina puts on his bowling shoes
<Zebina> yeah right...
* TheSentinel ( has joined #tspg-exciter
* gives channel operator status to TheSentinel
* ChanServ has left #tspg-exciter (Leaving)
<Mr-Darklord800> what is TheSentine do?
<MiFU|Work> if you abuse the fuck out of it DevilHunter
! <DevilHunter> Dark-Assassin told me to do it
* Dark-Assassin runs
<MiFU|Work> i'll pimp slap you off the internet
<DevilHunter> :o
<Mr-Darklord800> LMFao.
<Mysyk> Dark-Assasin.
<Mysyk> Are you from Canada?
<Mysyk> Yo
<Dark-Assassin> no
<Mysyk> Any clue?
<Dark-Assassin> Nope
<Mysyk> Should we continue?
<Dark-Assassin> idk
<Mysyk> From France.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Italy.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Germany.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Brazil.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Turkey.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> USA.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Vavency> Russia?
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Spain.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Behind your computer.
<agaures> nop?
<Dark-Assassin> That's one place.
<Dark-Assassin> But where is that place?
<Mysyk> Belgium.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Croatia.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<capo> australia
<Dark-Assassin> Dammit capo
<Dark-Assassin> ruined things again
<Vavency> lol
<Mysyk> Oh you are Aussie
<agaures> no one would ever guess NZ
<Mysyk> Are you from Perth?
<agaures> no one
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> I used it on my servers :D
<Mysyk> You must be from Melbourne.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Is it NSW state?
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Tasmania.
<Dark-Assassin> nop
<Mysyk> Sydney in NSW. So it isn't
<agaures> adel?
<Mysyk> Brisbane.
<Dark-Assassin> agaures wins
<Mysyk> Adelaide.
<agaures> lol
<Mysyk> agaures.
<Mysyk> Your turn, Kiwi.
<agaures> huh? D:
<Mysyk> You are from Christchurch.
<agaures> nop
<Disguise> What is this
<Mysyk> It isn't Wellington.
<agaures> why do i have the feeling you are googling nz places
<Dark-Assassin> Disguise, IDK
<Mysyk> I am not googling. :D Should I prove it?
<agaures> don't know how but... no
<Mysyk> Any clue?
<agaures> north island
<Mysyk> Auckland.
<agaures> yep
<Mysyk> Hooray!
<Mysyk> Does God save the Queen?
<Mysyk> Her Majesty.
note Mountain of zimmer8 refers to this:
<Alter`> Alfonzo, how much gallons of milk you got left
<Alfonzo> there's about 5 liters in the fridge
<Alter`> GOOD
<Alter`> are you gonna pour it on TARNSMAN'S CEREAL this time
<Alfonzo> what?
<Alter`> for not giving you the mountain of zimmer8
<Alfonzo> oh!
<Alfonzo> right, yeah
<Alfonzo> I mean, he probably won't be here to eat it when I set aside a bowl for him but I can let it go soggy, sure
<Alfonzo> no one likes soggy cereal
<Alter`> and leave a note saying "The mountain of zimmer is mine"
<Alfonzo> well it is
<Alter`> add "Just reminding you, because i'm an asshole"
<Alter`> :D
<Alfonzo> I won it fair and square, even after surrendering mid-battle and going pacifict lol what a kidder!!
<Alter`> Alfonzo the pacifist UV-speeder
<Tarnsman_Work> I'm not eating soggy fucking cereal
<Tarnsman_Work> go away
<Alfonzo> haha
<Tarnsman_Work> you fucking quadra-hitler
<Tarnsman_Work> Alfonzo fucks Quadra-Hitler for some soggy cereal?
<Alter`> no no it should be Alfonzo fucks soggy cereal for some Quadra-Hitler
<Alter`> Zimmer8 cinnamon, calling it n ow.
<viocar> <Tarnsman_Work> Alfonzo fucks Quadra-Hitler for some soggy cereal?
<viocar> I'm glad you've taught Cobe this.
<Alfonzo> haha it's not as though he can do anything new now that he's "armed" with this information
<Alfonzo> the only thing he can do is scream louder
<Alfonzo> as the flames on the hob burn higher
<Alfonzo> and he boils once more
<Alfonzo> fucking wanker
<Marcaek> jesus fonz
<Alfonzo> what? <:D
<Alter`> Alfonzo's going Godfather on cobe
* Alfonzo sitcom shrug
<Marcaek> "look at how they massacred my bot"
<Alter`> and then because Alfonzo went Godfather, one night Tarnsman's gonna place soggy cereal motion sensor bomb under his sheet so when Alfonzo wakes up, he's gonna be the soggy cereal monster.
<Alter`> and then Tarnsman will be amazed at his new creation
<Alter`> he's gonna be like "GO THE FUCK AWAY I DIDN"T MAKE YOU"
<Affliction> as for no hilights
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> RaymondTracer:
<Affliction> happy?
<RaymondTracer> g8
rTracer|Mobile_ [~raytracer@] has quit IRC: Ping timeout: 300 seconds
<AlienOverlord> <IdeIdoom> since calling him an idiot is a evidence of hate
<AlienOverlord> Calling someone an idiot is usually just a constatation of fact
<IdeIdoom> AlienOverlord
<IdeIdoom> YOU IDIOT
<IdeIdoom> that was evidence of hate and facts
<Nautilus> haha ideidoom MADE AN MLP VIDEO
<Emmure> serious business on irc today
<Emmure> anyways cool video
<IdeIdoom> not cool at all
<IdeIdoom> since it was in my "period"
<IdeIdoom> when I was bullied by those who hated bronies
<IdeIdoom> reason why I decided to not be one
<Chillsing> do you have licence capo?
<UNNAMEDTONY> ofc i have , it was easiest thing i did in my life "get cat license"