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<Hypnotoad> i suggest you kick IdeIdoom
<Hypnotoad> for lag against humanity
<some_creepy_guy> Why is it that Zandronum is so full of male feminists?
<Marcaek> jesus christ
<@MiFU> hmmmmmm
<@MiFU> some_creepy_guy: Why is it, that you come in here, and start a big fuss
<some_creepy_guy> All i wanted is a female companion that plays doom
<Alterzero> Okay guys, let's roll up, he won it, zandronum is officially about being a male feminist (or a furry feminist)
<Marcaek> o/
<mib_flb56r> lmao
<Dark-Assassin> Alterzero, you forgot about the brony feminists as well
<Alterzero> That counts too
<PresidentPeople> He joined my server the other day to tell me he had uh... modified himself
<mib_flb56r> lol
<some_creepy_guy> Yes but then i ran out of estrogen and lost my vagina
<PresidentPeople> So it's all cool now
<some_creepy_guy> Hello
<some_creepy_guy> Nobody on?
<PresidentPeople> Hallo
<mib_flb56r> some_creepy_guy: you are creepy
<Discount_Ninja> Quick! Some Creepy Guy says hello, what do you do?
<some_creepy_guy> Well, i only came in search of female companionship
<mib_flb56r> dude i have bad news for you
<mib_flb56r> there are no girls on the internet
<some_creepy_guy> O what? Have you ever used facebook?
<some_creepy_guy> That is all women do these days
<mib_flb56r> google images
<some_creepy_guy> but i am not interested in that type of woman
<mib_flb56r> it's easy to just go to google images and use one as their photo
<mib_flb56r> (no seriously now, there are some trannys here)
<@MiFU> some_creepy_guy: please go to #zandate
<@MiFU> and wait there
<PresidentPeople> Funny you should mention that, mib
<@MiFU> (and no it is not an offical channel, stop asking)
? Nautilus hides the 12-year-old boy behind him
.:Nautilus:. heh
.:glortho:. whoa... hey.
.:Nautilus:. I mean
.:glortho:. let's just... calm down here.
.:Nautilus:. no one saw that ok
.:desperate:. Was it explicitly stated when i connected?
.:glortho:. not cool ......
.:@HeX9109:. Yeah there is no way I would know youre from puerto rico
? part ? .:desperate:. Doomseeker End Of Line
<Konar6> "Isn't being gay a pain in the ass?"
<Dark-Assassin> Literally
<Dark-Assassin> Apparently...
<infurnus> it's not painful if you know what you're doing
<infurnus> I heard this from.. a friend
<Dark-Assassin> >heard
<Konar6> >
<infurnus> I heard it alright
<infurnus> through a wall
<Dark-Assassin> Sure you didn't feel it?
<Dark-Assassin> JK, just messin
<infurnus> it was loud enough to feel, yes
<Dark-Assassin> Anyway, I guess that it would the first times, but not so much to never after time.
<Zakken> O_o
<Zakken> Alright, let's stop talking about that
<Jenova> its turning soul on
<Dark-Assassin> Sounds like he knows it all too well
<Konar6> lmao
<Zakken> shhhhhh
<Zakken> Everyone knows the know-it-all man about this subject is Legion_
<Tiger> Qent, making new friends, huh?
<Tiger> heh
<Qent> heh
<Tiger> I am sad
<Tiger> Qent, why do YOU get the special treatments?!
<Tiger> Maybe you could share those bagels with us!
<Qent> Because I'm so awesome!
<Tiger> >:(
<Tiger> Qent IS PUSHING US 99% DOWN!
<Tribeam> Qent is the illuminati!
<Tiger> BURN HIM!
<Qent> eep!