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Quote #103
:: jon003 [] has joined #drz
<jon003> ident pistol
<jon003> XD
<jon003> oh
<jon003> XD
<~C405129> what
:: mode/#drz [-qao C405129 C405129 C405129] by C405129
<C405129> (If anyone asks, I was fired for rofl'ing at "fourm")
<Qent> lol
<~Wartorn> C4, you're hired, promote me to super-ircop then promptly fire yourself again or i will throw you off this cliff with a tire iron
:: meredith [] has joined #drz
:: mode/#drz [+ao meredith meredith] by ChanServ
<C405129> You will have to throw me off the cliff with said tire iron
<~Wartorn> also i think jon just gave out his nickserv pass
<Qent> meredith: you made the servers explode btw :P
<Qent> XD
<&meredith> uh no i didnt not after the person ip banned me
<C405129> Wartorn: Only 1 way to find out
<C405129> ghost!
<~Wartorn> :O
<&meredith> was it that BC dumbass
<~Wartorn> (will i get ban't for trying that)
<C405129> Wartorn: nah
<~Wartorn> oh okay
<Qent> isnt it only 10 minute ban?
<C405129> His fault for releasing the pass (if it was)
:: jon003 [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Wartorn!~Theremin@its.a.shotgun))]