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<Ujoesinco> aaaa i totally forgot sly got to do the survey test on y alora looks lighter in one pic and not the other
<TheToxicAvenger> Borknagar's had a ton of known guys in Black Metal
<Sly> ...what?
<TheToxicAvenger> Hell, Vortex was their vocalist for ~2 albums
<Set_Abominae> This is AWESOME
<Set_Abominae> and I knew about vortex being in there for a while
<Qent> alora became a white chick mysteriously
<Sly> lol what do you mean?
<Set_Abominae> speaking of vortex
<Set_Abominae> I am quite angry at Dimmu for kicking Vortex AND Mustis
<TheToxicAvenger> Also, Set, one of Borknagar's albums is pure acoustic
<TheToxicAvenger> Their first album was much more aggressive and all in Norwegian
<Ujoesinco> sly look at these two pics
<TheToxicAvenger> Their vocalist right now is a Swedish guy named Vintersorg
<Ujoesinco> tell me wat u think
<TheToxicAvenger> Borknagar were also my first black metal band, though Enslaved were the ones that got me interested in it
<Ujoesinco> hell no
<Sly> it migt have been taken with a different camera
<TheToxicAvenger> I pulled a Jackson but in the sense of gingers
<Qent> lol
<Ujoesinco> good choice sly at first i thought i was crazy
<TheToxicAvenger> I was originally ginger then that somehow morphed
<MP2E> the curse was lifted!
<Sly> lol
<Ujoesinco> then i asked almost everyone in here and they sayed the same thing
<Set_Abominae> Borknagar seems pretty fuckin awesome TTA
<Qent> you never asked me :P
<Ujoesinco> qent wat do u think
<Sly> i think your losing it by just thinking you were losing it just because of a change in skin tone
<TheToxicAvenger> Their second album is when they got progressive
<MP2E> I had a vagina once but I was too manly for it so it fell off and a huge dick grew in it's place
<Qent> i think they used a setting on the camera that desaturates it
<Ujoesinco> ehhh u want to hear something weird
<Ujoesinco> sly
<Sly> mp2e: ROFL!
<Sly> sure
<TheToxicAvenger> MP2E: How does a hole fall off
<Qent> lol
<Ujoesinco> my brother notice my older brother cig wasnt lighted in his profile pic
<MP2E> That's hwat i was wondering after I typed it
<MP2E> I dunno man