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Quote #16
<@MiFU> well some lady called us
<@MiFU> and since we do mods for xboxes etc
<@MiFU> she says "can you put a "dildo" on a xbox?"
<@C405129> ROFL
<mnix> wtf
<@MiFU> im like "dildos for xboxes? thats some HI TECH SHIT RIGHT THERE"
<@C405129> lolz
<@MiFU> typical lesbians
<@MiFU> making a MEGA dildo
<@MiFU> using an xbox
<@MiFU> wow thats REALLY HI TECH
<@C405129> hm
* C405129 notes to self never to go to wherever the hell MiFU works
<@MiFU> lol
-!- mnix [] has quit []
<@MiFU> we said no we dnt do them
<@MiFU> try the modshop