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Quote #19
<@MiFU> i open my burger up etc
<+TheMr> I must go soon and prepare for tomorrows laps before work
<+TheMr> kk
<+TheMr> burger opened
<@MiFU> and i found sh!t loads of hair inside of the burger
<+TheMr> yum
<+TheMr> OMG
<+TheMr> colour = ?
<+C405129> <21:02:43> <@MiFU> and i found sh!t loads of hair inside of the burger
<+C405129> <21:02:46> <+TheMr> yum
<+C405129> Quoted
<+C405129> for
<+C405129> the
<+C405129> UNTRUTH!
<+TheMr> yum was for >>> [22:01] <@MiFU> i open my burger up etc
<@MiFU> black hair :(
<+TheMr> he got in too quick
<+C405129> TheClub: unmoderate
??? Mode: [TheClub] sets [-m]
<+TheMr> black hairs
<+C405129> MiFU: How long?
<+TheMr> curly ones?
<+TheMr> ewe
<@MiFU> you dnt wanna know :/
<+C405129> If it was ~30CM and curly; SORRY!
<+TheMr> I bet they were slimey
<@MiFU> anyways i asked for a refund
<+TheMr> lol
<@MiFU> they wouldent give me one
<@MiFU> so instead of me walking away
<@MiFU> i threw the burger over the counter
<@MiFU> hopeing to hit some one
<@MiFU> now
<@MiFU> but
<+TheMr goes to get cup - brb>
<+C405129> TheMr: Plug a coffeemachine into your power strip.
<+TheMr> lol
<+TheMr> back
<@MiFU> anyways after i threw the burger
<+TheMr crosses legs instead of going to the toilet>
<@MiFU> not only it went everywhere
<@MiFU> everyone behind the counter
<@MiFU> including in the kitchen
<@MiFU> ducked
<@MiFU> and shat bricks
<+C405129> Literally.
<+TheMr> I bet they did
<@MiFU puts $1 in the swear jar>
<+TheMr> lol
<@MiFU> anyways
<+TheMr> I saw them fixing the door up after that - yash, it must have been you
<@MiFU> my mate gave me another one that was infested with hair also
<+TheMr> they had trouble with the locks
<+TheMr> <@MiFU> my mate gave me another one that was infested with hair also >>> OMG
<+TheMr> what mate is that?
<@MiFU> one of my school mates
<+TheMr> what are they having sexual encounters over the counters?
<+C405129> UFiM
<+TheMr> too many counters
<@MiFU> almost all of our burgers were infested with hair
<+TheMr> o
<+TheMr> of course Mr C
<+TheMr> :)
<+TheMr> OMG - like a plague
<@MiFU> anyways what happen was the 2nd burger
<@MiFU> ended up hiting the manager
<@MiFU> of the store
<+C405129> xD
<+TheMr> mabey they use that hsir removal cream instead of suntan creams
<@MiFU> like she walked in to it
<+TheMr> s= a
<@MiFU> into the genral direction
<@MiFU> of the burger
<+TheMr> ran into it
<@MiFU> and coped it in the face
<+TheMr> omg
<@MiFU> then i get thrown out
<@MiFU> etc etc
<+C405129 falls off his chair>
<+TheMr> by?
<+TheMr> who threw you?
<@MiFU> no i got physicaly thrown out
<@MiFU> by the manager
<@MiFU> shes like a fat bulky girl
<+TheMr> physical
<+TheMr> another >> ewe
<@MiFU> the ones i wouldent wanna sleep with
<+TheMr> O
<@MiFU> like i said i got push out the door lol
<+TheMr> did you get a burger at all?
<@MiFU> nope
<+TheMr> money exchanged?
<@MiFU> cool thing was
<@MiFU> i got money from ppl
<@MiFU> who were coming out of hungery jacks
<+TheMr> o
<+TheMr> the ordinary joe
<+TheMr> nice
<@MiFU> like they were giving me money so i can get my self a feed somewhere else
<Hypersonic> when did this happen MiFU
<@MiFU> ages ago actaully
<+C405129> few months ago
<@MiFU> last year
<+C405129> ~october?
<@TheClub> No idea.
<@MiFU> yea
<+TheMr> lol
<@MiFU> somewhere then
<+TheMr> I must remove the garments attaching themselves to my skins - I am getting stuck to them, and in need of showering
<@MiFU> got a call from the cops saying if i step foot into that hungery jacks again
<@MiFU> id get arrested
<+TheMr> you will be shotted at
<+C405129> TheClub: praise MiFU
<@TheClub <3 MiFU>
<+TheMr> unbearable
<@MiFU> it dnt matter tho
<@MiFU> i know another hungery jacks that dnt tamper with your meal like that
<@MiFU> so i go to that 1
<+TheMr> well do not dwell on that incident? You will attract more of the same of you do. Best off to even think of it again - it does you no advantage
<+TheMr> Best off NOT to even think of it again
<@MiFU> it dnt matter
<+TheMr> good