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Quote #29
<&C405129> So
<&C405129> Sonic is alone in invuwtf
<Hetor> he's fapping
<Tib> invuwtf sucks :|
<&C405129> Go to bed, Tib.
<Tib> i like the porn
<Hetor> (10:03:55 AM) Tib: pr0n sucks :|
<Tib> i just don't like having to work for it
<&C405129> < Hetor> (10:03:55 AM) Tib: pr0n sucks :|
<&C405129> hmm
<Tib> :|
<&C405129> /topic 18:04 < Hetor> (10:03:55 AM) Tib: pr0n sucks :|
<Hetor> lolphail
<%Hypersonic> what
<%Hypersonic> I am not fapping!!!
<%Hypersonic> I am still chatting on YIM, and was not aware that you guys left
<Hetor> right now not, maybe. But I know you were fapping >_>
<%Hypersonic> I left the game minimized
<Hetor> lie
<%Hypersonic> no I was not!!!!
<Hetor> liez
<Hetor> can you prove?
* C405129 waits for Hypersonic to abuse +h
<%Hypersonic> I do not care about that
<Hetor> see? he can't prove
<&C405129> So
<&C405129> It's the truth
<Hetor> : D
<%Hypersonic> it is not the truth
<Hetor> w4nk3r
<%Hypersonic> I do not feel lustful anyway
<Tib> rofl
* Hetor LOLs
<%Hypersonic> and I am not talking about AFTER