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Quote #85
:: Thunder [~_rdc_thun@] has joined #skulltag
<Thunder> !!
<@Tiger> No.
<Thunder> rofl
<Thunder> come to gvh
<@Tiger> No.
<@C405129> No.
<Thunder> or you're scared !!
<Pottus> Lame wad.
<@Tiger> No.
<Pottus> It's not even Doom.
<Thunder> cause you aren't good
<@Tiger> No.
<DS201> I can't play for many reasons
<@C405129> Some of us have LIVES.
<@C405129> Not me though
<Thunder> cause you need skillz?
<@Tiger> No.
<Thunder> need some skillz
<@Tiger> NO.
<Thunder> gvh for pro only
<@Tiger> No.*
<Thunder> sup. >_<
<@C405129> No.
<Thunder> yes
<DS201> lol
<@Tiger> No. (eventually he will get the hint)
<Thunder> yes.
<Thunder> sup.
<@Tiger> No.
<Thunder> yes
<Pottus> There must not be a lot of pro's if you need to ask everyone to play.
<Thunder> sup.
<DS201> No.
<@C405129> I'm with Pottus there
<Thunder> any one want to kill me come to gvh cyaaaaaaaaa fooooooooooooooooooooooools
:: Thunder [~_rdc_thun@] has quit [Quit: Skulltag rules!]