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Quote #98
<Spleen> if you're gonna spend a grand, might as well use a refridgerator for a pc case lol
<VoltlocK> lol
<&Kratos> That's what your mom said last night when I was fucking her...
<&Kratos> oh nevermind
<&Kratos> brb
<~MiFU> it is nearly a grand already
<VoltlocK> Or just a porta-fridge
<VoltlocK> Your PC?
<VoltlocK> Or the fridge
<&Kratos> the answer from MiFU is
<&Kratos> PORN
<&Kratos> HENTAI
<&Kratos> TITS
<VoltlocK> lol
<&Kratos> PLAYBOY
<VoltlocK> Gee Mif, you subscribe to too many pronz
<&Kratos> hurrrrrrr
<~MiFU> pc
<~MiFU> and loool
<VoltlocK> I have over 1 grand worth of Anime DVDs =p
<Spleen> damn dude
<~MiFU> nah your talking about nix
<VoltlocK> or DVDs in general
<Spleen> you actually buy anime?
<~MiFU> and tib
<VoltlocK> Yeah
<~Tib> :V
<VoltlocK> Hey Mif
<~Tib> rofl
<~MiFU> yo
<Spleen> i cant buy anime or manga, since i watch/read so much that i'd be paying off the debt all my life
<~Tib> buying anime