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<+MeRe> cause i got friends in there
<@Kamai> And by friends, she means people she pays to asphyxiate her with tonsils
<@Eric> [kirbonium is evidently one of mere's 'friends']
<+Kirbonium> ahahaha no
<+Kirbonium> I'm sorry Eric
<+Kirbonium> But I have class
<+Kirbonium> And I do NOT fuck mexicans
meanwhile, in another channel
<MeRe> i am HALF
[%TerranGoliath] What'd you do in high
[%TerranGoliath] make PS rydia porn?
[@TheToxicAvenger] I had a.....piss off
<MP2E> you don't understand
<MP2E> I am the feds
<MP2E> now strip down or I'll go area 51 on your ass
<Dark-Slayer> lol
<Mo-mo> O.O no
<Mo-mo> no mp2e
<Mo-mo> no
<Tiger> Lets see the latter!
<Tiger> Area 51
* Tiger grabs popcorn
<MP2E> muahaha
<MP2E> *censored*
<Tiger> MY EYES!!!
[@Kilgure] Kilgure Bojan is my dick when erect
[@Kilgure] Kilgure Bojan is my whore and I know
[+DS2012] Blah aow can die in a pit Tribeam.
[DS2012] Dark-Slayer, you know that right, they troll people instantly after a win and if it happened go ahead and say the shit out of greed like the spider on my wall.
[DS2012] I suppose it's comfortable to think you're only pretending to be in a fire of syphilis ridden dicks.
[DS2012] And it was just heading to bed also ds i was bout to say i raged on one of my swim stuff.