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<Kirbonium> Moaning Myrtle in Goblet of Fire
<Kirbonium> >i have the weirdest boner right now
Kirboire exposes his yea.jpg
<Kirboire> You know what to do
Espio ^
◀▬▬ Senior has quit ("Quitting")
[@DS2012] Mere i think it was just heading to bed also ds i was 13 i suck my left nut and go die.
[@DS2012] Gay highlights me now oh, don't you want us to believe you are not gay.
<Remmirath> eruanna windows 98 was shit
<Remmirath> but nothing beats the shittiness of ME
[@Qent] i'm not a great judge of size
[@Qent] but they do seem small on average
[DevilHunter] thats what she said
[+DevilHunter] you want to see MeRe naked?
[@SgtJ4] YES
[@SgtJ4] wait whaT
[+DS2012] Mere go to get mere in the morning?
[+DS2012] Dark-Slayer mere is a dickhead like Dark-Slayer.
[+DS2012] Sucks i'm having to re-download my own music wad cause i dont think sex is not real sex.