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{@Kilgure} wario is gaey
{@Kilgure} Kilgure wario likes farts better so...
{@Kilgure} Kilgure wario is old member and right now
{@Kilgure} Kilgure wario is busy buying me stuff I haven't actually gotten to the XBOX 360 port is 10670
{DH} Sometimes I stick my finger in my own ass and pretend it’s a vagina. I think it’s kinda weird. What do you think?
{%DSBot} Dark-Assassin: Was that you couldn't beat your wife with anything wider than your thumb.
{%DSBot} DevilHunter: Budget cuts forced us to sit down and shut up brain or I'll poke you with my meat!
{@Kilgure} Kilgure wario is italian
{@Kilgure} Kilgure wario go to Chanserv and have some weird smell coming from the server?
* DevilHunter moves further south // * Gort moves into DevilHunter's pants