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+Gort hello cock <3
| +Gort moves into DevilHunter's pants
@Mr-Darklord i am back. sorry took so long.
+Amiga600 not good enough I want an explanation
+Gort I want his cock
DH ill give you a foot job if you come over before 4
DH it was terrible. i could've done a better job by myself.
@Kilgure I just telling how much I adore him so bad, wario rq
DH-AFK If the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse gang banged each other and had a kid, it would look like the creature I woke up next to this morning.
DH-AFK Why is it that every time I type the word "give" my phone spells out HIV?! You know how many people i've told I want to HIV them something!
DH-AFK I was looking through my facebook friends list to see how many ppl on the list i've hooked up with, and was effectively reminded of my failed friendships, relationships, fuck budy-ships, friends with benefits, and "i cant remember if i ever did shit with him but we're awkward now" ships.
DH-AFK she left her pants. im pretty sure she grabbed mine on accident. im like 9 man sizes bigger than her. wtf
DH-AFK hooking up with chicks might be the way to go after all. walk of shame looks better in her clothes.
DH-AFK I just found out the guys at work had a bet as to who could sleep with me before i move away.
DH-AFK I cannot find my penis.
DH-AFK Its like common courtesy of dating, the guy pays for the weed, just like dinner