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DH-AFK if you wake up with plaid pants on your floor in the morning, you made a bad decision.
DH-AFK I hate this i feel like im wasting my youth here. I should be off hooking up with boys around the world and having awkward next morning convos in different languages!!
DH-AFK No, computers are like whores. moody bitches that cost too much and no matter how much protection you have you can still get a virus
DH-AFK just accidentally masturbated with tiger balm. best. accident. ever.
DH-AFK My butt just had a miscarriage. It was yours. I'm sorry. You would have been a great sexually confused parent.
DSBot just peed in the tub, threw it on Megan.. she threw more back, I got out and threw toilet water on her.. forecast for tomorrow? pink eye.
DH Britney fell asleep on the couch in the foier, got up stripped then pissed on the floor. Then got dressed and went to sleep in it. Also downstairs toilet clogged. Not me. I will be gone by the time you get home from work. Have fun.
DH-AFK A few issues tonight. 1) Drunk since 1pm. 2) At the bar at 4pm. 3) James brought his sister, who has enormous breasts, isnt shy about cleavage, obviously slutty, and makes me want to do things that would even have Atheists sending me to hell. However, she's wearing glitter, so all Im thinking about is Edward Cullen. Go ahead and rip up my Man Card.
<cennou> HTG i want to grind my buttcheeks off of your erect nipples
Konar6 but then, nobody reads topics