Only Server Sided Characters has been updated for tModLoader v0.11. The rest haven't yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Mod has not been released
This changes all stats to make the game feel more deadly like Dark Souls is.
Currently Coded: * Expert Mode is forced on all worlds * Player health has been reduced by 80% of original with 20 added * Player mana and item mana usage has been reduced by 50% of original * All health and mana potions had their effectiveness reduced by 50%, as long as they use the vanilla healing method * ^ If you have Variable Potion Sickness, it needs to be reconfigured to match these settings * Player and NPC positive regen is reduced by 75% * Player and NPC negative regen is increased by 200% * Player and NPC damage immunity time has been reduced by 50% of original * NPC health, damage, value and item damage is recalculated by sqrt*5 * Bosses receive double health ontop of what's calculated * All expert stat scaling has been disabled as it messes with this mod too much * Player damage reduction from defense no longer uses Expert Mode's modified calculation * Ammo damage varies depending on the weapon used as all damage is calculated on hit * Ammo no longer has a damage class * All projectiles will collide with tiles aside ones with aiStyle 75 WIP: * All NPCs move 50% faster * All NPCs have their AI run twice per frame instead of once to increase aggressiveness * NPC spawn rate and maximum spawns have been reduced by 50% * Maybe something else if I think of it
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